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Hotel Selection Process

Date: November 7, 2017

Our JCBA covers the process and standards set forth in providing safe, clean and quiet lodging for us on our layovers.  Standard hotel contracts with United, are typically of a multi-year duration at which point they are evaluated by United based on market conditions.  In some cases, hotel contracts are renewed, while in other cases, new hotels are selected based on economic or other factors.

Both United and AFA have agreed upon Hotel Standards that have to be met and both the company and Union follow a process for inspection, approval and renewal. For Flight Attendants, our criteria are clearly spelled out in our JCBA (page 330-333).  For the company, the driving forces are economics, availability, or whether any particular hotel, based on their own criteria, wishes to continue its relationship with United.

In our second year following ratification of our JCBA, many hotel contracts around the world, including cities such as Boston, are being reviewed for renewal and, in some cases, replacement with other hotels. As we all know sometimes a change in hotels is welcome, but other times we may miss the location or amenities associated with a particular hotel.  Moving forward as we continue to implement our JCBA, we can expect to see additional changes, including some layover hotels locations as the normal contract evaluation process moves forward.

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