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Questions on Pay Methodology Harmonization

Date: November 7, 2017

On October 25, the company sent letters to all pmCAL and pmCMI Flight Attendants advising them of an upcoming change to the methodology of how they will be paid for a month of flying. This change will result in all Flight Attendants being paid through the same payroll methodology.

Currently, pmCAL Flight Attendants are paid for a month of flying over 3 paychecks (16th + 1st + 16th).  With the upcoming implementation of Section 3.B.B. of our JCBA, and effective with the February 16, 2018, paycheck, we will all be paid for a month of flying over 2 paychecks (1st + 16th).

The New Methodology

Beginning with the February 16, 2018, paycheck and for all Flight Attendants, the 1st of the month check will be an advance based on the projected hours of flying for the prior month as of the 20th of the month prior. The 16th paycheck will be calculated based on the total value of the prior month’s flying, less the advance from the 1st of the month, plus per diem, premium pay, add pay and any other adjustments.

Calculating the Advance

The March 1st paycheck is calculated at up to 70% of base monthly pay for the February schedule month, based on the following table:

Advance is up to 70% of base monthly pay (71:00)

The advance is calculated using projected hours as of the 20thof the month:

50 hours or more -70% x 71 hours = 49.70 hours

30:00 – 49:59 hours - 35% x 71 hours = 24.85 hours

Less than 30:00 hours - No advance

The March 16th paycheck is total earnings for February, less the advance from the March 1st check, plus per diem, premiums, add pay and any other adjustments.

This change will go into effect for pmCAL Flight Attendants effective with their February 16th paycheck.  As of that date, the 25-hour advance pay traditionally paid on the 16th of the month will be paid as part of the 1st of the following month’s check.

United Offers a Bridge Loan Option

As United has done with other work groups when making a pay methodology transition, the company is offering pmCAL Flight Attendants an optional Bridge Loan to minimize any possible disruption to their budgeting or financial planning.

The Bridge Loan Payment is an optional, one time, interest-free, tax-free payment to you, from United, that will be paid on the February 16, 2018, paycheck. To take advantage of this Bridge Loan, Flight Attendants must sign up. The election period for pmCAL Flight Attendants to sign up will begin on November 15, 2017.

Highlights of the Bridge Loan

  • The bridge Loan Payment will be 25 hours of your base rate of pay of your February 16, 2018, paycheck


  • The period to sign up for the Bridge Loan Payment opens on November 15, 2017, and closes January 23, 2018.
  • Participation is optional and not automatic. If you do not request the Bridge Loan Payment, you will not receive the 25 hours


  • Repayment will begin April 1, 2018, and be repaid in 10 equal installments from each paycheck beginning April 1, 2018


Additional information about the Bridge Loan will be coming soon through a One United Publication this month.  Details, including examples, will be provided to assist in answering any questions you may have.

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