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2018 ISM/Purser Workshop

Date: November 10, 2017

Today the company has announced preliminary plans for the 2018 ISM/Purser Workshops. This will be a two-day training class that will be centrally hosted in Chicago.

pmUA – only International Qualified Pursers will initially bid for the preference month in which they will attend training. Preference Month bidding open Nov.12 at 0700 (CT) and will close on Dec.12 at 0700 (CT). Training will be conducted during the months of February, March, April and May 2018.

pmCMI and pmCAL ISMs based in GUM, HTA, LAI, NTA, SFI and WTA will be assigned training months based on the first letter of the last name. More information on the training month assignments will be shared at a later date.

Annual recurrent training is an expectation of the ISM & Purser programs.  We encourage Flight Attendants working under the pmUAL Agreement to submit a preference month bid before December 12th.  ISMs working under the pmCAL and CMI Contracts will be provided additional information on the assignment of training months in an upcoming communication.

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