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E-Lines: November 14, 2017

Date: November 14, 2017

Round One Vacation Awards Re-awarded & Round Two Vacation Bidding Extension

Over the course of this past weekend, a small glitch in the Round One vacation award program, affecting less than 1% of all Flight Attendants, was identified and steps were taken to determine the impact of the program anomaly.  Following a review of all the factors and in consultation with AFA, it was determined that Round One vacations for 205 Flight Attendants, in 13 bases, would need to be modified as the result of a re-award to ensure Flight Attendants were awarded vacation periods consistent with the terms of the JCBA.

Flight Attendants at the following 13 domiciles were impacted by this modification:






















The impacted Flight Attendants have been notified via their united.com email, or CCS message, where applicable. In addition, each of these 205 Flight Attendants will be personally notified by the Vacation team.

To ensure that all Flight Attendants have sufficient time to submit their bids, the company and AFA have reached agreement to extend the Round Two vacation bid period until Friday, November 17, 2017 at 0800 Home Domicile Time (HDT).

The Vacation Team will extend their hours on November 14-16, 2017 until 8:00PM Central Time in order to answer any questions you may have.

Flight Attendants should review the Vacation Allocation Charts, which outline the days still available in Round Two as some allocation dates may have changed as a result of the re-award. The charts are located on CCS under the Bidding Tab Menu, select “myVacation” and click on To view Vacation Allocation Open Days link.  Additional vacation bidding information can be found by visiting unitedafa.org.

Thanksgiving is a Contractual Paid Holiday 

Our Contract stipulates that Flight Attendants receive additional pay for flight assignments on designated holidays. Flight Attendants based in the United States & GUM who fly on Thanksgiving Day will receive holiday pay as per section 2.Q and 4.I of our JCBA. 

Holiday Pay is calculated using a formula that takes into account the number of credited hours flown during the holiday pairing/ID, and how much time away from home the pairing/ID has. Premium pay is not used when determining holiday pay. A Flight Attendant’s hours away from home begins at the pairing/ID check-in time, and ends at the conclusion of the scheduled debriefing time, upon return to the home domicile.

Find more information, including examples of holiday pay calculations on our website @unitedafa.org.

Working Crew Holiday Buddy Travel

Flight Attendants who are working Crew Members this holiday season are able travel with up to two buddy pass riders at the Flight Attendant’s pass classification seniority. This applies to domestic and international travel, and is available during the following designated holiday periods: 

  •  Beginning November 19, 2017, and ending on/before midnight November 30, 2017.
  •  Beginning December 18, 2017, and ending on/before midnight January 5, 2018.

When making your reservation through United's employeeRes, remember to check the "traveling with working crew member" box so that your "buddies" are booked at the correct pass classification. You are required to notify the gate agent in person, when your "buddy" accompanies you at the city where they are boarded and at a connecting city with an aircraft change. 

Note: Travel is space available. Additionally, if your buddy is unable to be boarded on the flight to which you are assigned to work because seats aren’t available, they will be listed on the next available flight at the normal buddy pass travel classification and seniority.

January COLA and Leave Clarification

The company is currently offering two different options to Flight Attendants. One is a three-month special COLA, and the other is a one-month leave. If you are granted either of these options, they would begin on January 1, 2018. 

For clarification purposes, understand that the company is going to grant the three-month COLA requests FIRST, before they even consider the one-month leave requests. 

The 3-month special COLA Bidding Instructions are as follows:


Interested Flight Attendants should submit a request via CCS, select the bidding menu, then special COLA request, no later than November 28, 2017, 10 am (CT).


Submit your request in Unimatic no later than 10:00AM, November 28, 2017, using LOAREQ indicating “SP” using the following date range:   12-30-2017 to 3-31-2018.

Flight Attendants interested in the one-month leave must submit a request no later than November 20, 2017 at 10:00AM, local domicile time.

While the different dates by which submissions for these time off requests must be submitted can be confusing, it is important to understand that the three-month special COLAs are going to be awarded before any other leaves or jobshares are granted. Additional information is available @unitedafa.org.

Flight Attendant Holiday Incentive Program

In an effort to recognize those employees with perfect attendance during the upcoming holiday season and consistent with past holidays, the company will implement the Holiday Bonus Point program during the upcoming Christmas holiday. Flight Attendants who meet the criteria listed below will receive an attendance point credit. This policy applies to all Flight Attendants regardless of pre-merger affiliation now that Section 23 of the JCBA has been implemented and coupons have been discontinued.

During the period of December 15, 2017, through January 8, 2018, Flight Attendants must meet the following criteria to be awarded the attendance point credit:

  • Flight Attendants must be on active status during the designated holiday period. 
  • Flight Attendants must work a flight segment or stand Reserve during the specified period.
  •  Flight Attendants must not receive any attendance point(s) during this time period

If a Flight Attendant is awarded the point credit by meeting all the requirements, that point credit will be used to offset the first point generating occurrence after January 8, 2018, and any remaining credits from previous years may also be applied in the same way. 

If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council Office.









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