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Situational Awareness of Common Global Travel Scam

Date: November 24, 2017

In many large cities across the globe, thieves and swindlers hunt travelers who could easily fall prey to their scams. Opportunists come in all shapes and sizes - men, women and even children are taught to pull at your heartstrings. Thieves are willing to take risks, but they also calculate those risks.  This means, if you are confident and aware of your surroundings, they will most likely move on to another target. As Flight Attendants, we are seasoned travelers.  Even if we are in an unfamiliar city, we can and should always present the appearance we know where we are going and we should always remain aware of our surroundings.  Even “friendly strangers” who offer to show you around can also have the potential to be a threat or swindle.

Don’t fall victim to travel scams.  To support you by increasing your awareness of possible efforts, we have added a list of general and region-specific scams to our website along with useful tips to avoid falling prey to these scams while traveling. Remember to always be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye on your valuables.

For additional information, contact your Local Council Safety Health & Security Representative.

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