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A Quick Review of the Commuter Policy

Date: November 28, 2017

On occasion, Flight Attendants are confronted with unavoidable circumstances preventing them from commuting to work. Flight Attendants are reminded, in such instances, of the provisions outlined in Section 28 of our JCBA -Commuter Policy. The Commuter Program, implemented in December of 2016, covers all Flight Attendants without regard to your status as a lineholder or a Reserve. The policy is addressed on pages 219-222 of our JCBA, and describes the conditions under which Flight Attendants who are unable to report for a scheduled assignment may avail themselves of these Contract provisions:

  1. Un-forecasted severe weather or other natural disasters (e.g. blizzards, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.)
  2. Impassable roads resulting from severe weather, accidents, or natural disasters
  3. Mechanical problems while on the way to work
  4. Unexpected airport disruption(s) or closures

Flight Attendants who want to know more about their Commuter protections, are directed to Section 28 of the JCBA, as well as to the educational article on the MEC website. It is always wise to keep a copy of your Contract with you at all times. Visit the MEC Website’s Contract page to access a digital copy if one is unavailable to you currently.

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