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E-Lines: December 15, 2017

Date: December 15, 2017

Pass Travel Election Period Ends December 28, 2017

 Each year employees have the option to update our pass travel options during the election period.  The 2018 year election process will close on December 28, 2017 at 19:00 (CT).

 For more information please review the 2018 Pass Travel Enrollment Period Open article on our website.

Distinguishing Pre-Merger Vacation Slide Differences

 The recent One United addressing pmCAL Vacation Slides has raised some questions.

 The pm-CAL Contract Section 8.D.2. provides the pm-CAL Flight Attendants the opportunity to file a request to move their vacation prior to the closing date for bids for the month in which their vacation is to occur.  The slide is granted only if the staffing permits and the slide may not cause a crossover into another bid period.  The vacation slide must be submitted by December 20th for vacation scheduled in the January bid month.  (There is a similar provision in the pm-CMI, Contract Section 10.D.5.)

 On the other hand, the pm-UAL Contract Section 18.M. provides pm-UAL Flight Attendants the ability to slide their vacation to recover a scheduled ID.  When their vacation falls between a scheduled outbound and return flight, the Flight Attendant may, at their own option, elect to move the period of vacation either forward or backward in order to fly the scheduled ID.  The timeline for this procedure is outlined in the monthly Bid Package Cover Letter and is accomplished after the award of monthly schedules.  Refer to the Bid Package Cover Letter for the month in which your vacation occurs to ensure you are aware of the deadline by which you must notify Advance Scheduling of your desire to recover the ID.  Remember, there are different deadlines if you seek to retain an overlap ID from the previous month.  For these instances, the vacation slide must be accomplished before lines are awarded for the new month.

Holiday Sick Call & Absence Certificate

 Per Section 13.C.4. of the Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA), all Flight Attendants will be required to submit an absence certificate for all sick calls, paid or unpaid, originating on or after December 20, 2017 through January 4, 2018.  Flight Attendants who have had no absences in the prior twelve (12) month calendar months will not be subject to absence certificate requirements imposing during the holiday period.

 For more information please read the Absence Certificate Required for Holiday Sick Calls and Absence Certificate Requirement for Holiday Sick Call Raises Questions articles on our website or contact your Local Council Office.

(pmUA) Reserve Christmas Wish List

 Pre-merger United Flight Attendants on Reserve for the month of December, have an opportunity to preference where they would like to layover for the three (3) days preceding and two (2) days following Christmas. Section 10.C.13.c. of the pre-merger United Contract provides for the Reserve Christmas Wish List and for these assignments to be made in seniority order.

 Beginning December 5, 2017, pmUA Reserve Flight Attendants may submit up to four holiday layover requests through the link available on our AFA website.  When submitting your requests, you will be asked for your Reserve LOF number, as well as your Reserve status. This information can be obtained by accessing Unimatic.

 We encourage you to put an initial request on file early and modify your request should your circumstances change later in the month. The last request on file will be the request that will be considered at the time of assignment. The submission page on our website will detail the dates of your request and must be finalized to be considered.

 Christmas Wish List (CWL) requests must be on file according to the following schedule:

Note: Any CWL request submitted prior to 10am (CT) on Tuesday, December 5, 2017, will not be considered.

 United Crew Scheduling will make every attempt to accommodate the Reserve Christmas Wish List layover requests to the best of their ability.

COLAs & Jobshares Available for February 2018 Schedule Month

 The company is offering COLAs and Jobshares for the February 2018 bid month for pm-CAL and pm-UAL Flight Attendants per Sections 15.B. and 15.N. and Section 16 of the JCBA.

 If you would like to apply for a COLA or Jobshare please do so using CCS no later than December 20, 2017 at 10:00 local base time (LBT).

 For more information please contact your Local Council Office.

401(k) Contribution Limit Increases for 2018

 The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has increased the contribution amounts for 401(k) participants for next year.  In 2018, you can contribute $18,500 up from $18,000.  No change has been made for participants who are over 50 years old for the “Catch-Up” contribution allowance which remains at $6,000 for a total $24,500 individual allowance.

767-400 (76S) Crew Rest Changes

 Changes to the crew rest areas/seats on our 767-400 (76S) aircraft are being implemented. These crew rest seats are located on aircraft left in the last two rows (42AB & 43AB) of the economy cabin in front of door 4L.  Changes have been made to these seats to include:

  1.  Airbag Inflatable Seat Belts
  2.  Adjustable Seat Controls
  3.  PCU in Center Arm Rest
  4.  Life Vest Compartment in Center Console

 The four (4) seats have a 9” recline capability and are equipped with leg rests.

 Once you have a chance to use the new crew rest area, if you have concerns or comments on the new crew rest, please contact your Local Council Office

MileagePlus Explorer Card Bonus Bucks Program & Raffle for TUMI Tote

 As previously announced, the company has instituted an Inflight Bonus Bucks program as an incentive for distributing the MileagePlus Explorer Card Applications.  This is a voluntary program and in order to participate you must complete the Inflight Bonus Buck Training CBT on TakeOff E-Learning.

 The company is now offering Pursers/Leads/ISMs who make both Inflight Bonus Bucks announcements a raffle ticket to win a TUMI tote.  If you are heard reading both announcements on a flight you can receive a raffle ticket which provides you a chance to win.

TUMI Luggage Q&A

 Some questions have come up about the new TUMI luggage available to Flight Attendants. A Q&A has been created to assist Flight Attendants in becoming more familiar with the TUMI luggage.

 Q.  How do I register my TUMI Luggage?

 A. Each TUMI carry-on and tote bag (with the exception of the JIC tote) is issued a unique 20-digit ID number. When you receive these pieces from TUMI, be sure to register them with this ID number in order to participate in the warranty program. To register your bag:

  1.  Go to tumi.com.
  2.  Scroll down to the footer area on the home page.
  3.  Under the “My Account” section click on the “Register Your TUMI” link.
  4.  Log into your TUMI account (Important notes: Make sure to log in with your United email address. For flight attendants with an international home address, you will need to create an account first if you haven’t done so already).
  5.  Once you log in, you will be prompted to enter your information, including the unique 20-digit ID number, to register the bag.
  •  For the carry-on, the ID number is on the back of the bag.
  •  For the tote, the ID number is on the inside of the front pocket.

 We’re also aware that some Flight Attendants are swapping bags with each other. If you have done so and the bag was registered by the previous owner, you will need to re-register your new bag with your information.

 Q. How do I have my new TUMI Luggage monogramed?

 A. To have your TUMI luggage monogrammed, take it into a TUMI store to have it completed on site. To find the nearest location, go to tumi.com and click on the “find another store” link in lower right corner of the home page. Monogramming is only allowed on the black TUMI ID tag; monogramming is NOT allowed on the blue luggage tag.

 Q. How do I use the TSA Approved combination lock on my TUMI Luggage?

 A. Each TUMI rollaboard comes with a lock, which does not come with instructions on how to set it up.  We have posted the instructions on our website.

 Q. How do I return my TUMI Luggage?

 A. Returns or exchanges on the United TUMI luggage program items are NOT allowed in store or online. Flight Attendants should work with their uniform coordinator at your Domicile to resolve any luggage issues.

 Q. I am having issues with my bag strap.  Is there a replacement available?

 A. In response to significant feedback, the TUMI team, working with AFA, had a group of Flight Attendants wear test two alternative adjustable versions of the bag strap. Testing was completed on December 11 and a new version of the strap is now in production. Once the new version becomes available, replacements will be sent to the Domicile for Flight Attendants who want to exchange their current bag strap for the new version.

Reminders and Quick Links

 December 15              Last Date to Order your Tumi Luggage for 2017 Delivery
December 20              COLAs & Jobshares February Bid Month Deadline 10am
December 23              Contractual Holiday for NRT – Emperor’s Birthday  
December 25              Contractual Holiday for Domiciles in U.S., FRA, GUM, HKG, & LHR
December 26              (pm-UA) - Mandarin Language Qualified Vacancies at LAX
December 28              2018 Pass Travel Enrollment Closes
December 31              Last day to order Uniform Items online – Uniform Points Expire
January 1                    Contractual Holiday for Domiciles in U.S., FRA, GUM, LHR, & NRT

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