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MEC Central Schedule Committee SWLOF Report

Date: June 6, 2017

Line Review

Line Review (SWLOF) meetings for the July 2017 line recommendations were held Monday through Wednesday June 5th through June 7th,  2017.   Jo Fullerton, Sandy Travis, Cory Wise and Greg Jacobs attended. July is a 30-day month, starting on Saturday July 1st, 2017 and ending on Sunday July 29th, 2017.  Line averages varied by location in the range between 75:42 to 82:51 internationally, and 74:03 and 84:01 hours domestically.

This month, with the slightly higher line averages, most locations were able to submit recommendations using our more traditional patterns keeping flying pure and in pattern.  Isolating IDs requiring a purser qualification in order to minimize the number of lines requiring a purser qualification to be awarded continues to be a struggle in some locations due to a heavily dated schedule.

CSC asked the Company about the discrepancy in line averages across the system, more specifically why some domiciles have higher line averages than others. We were informed that while line averages are determined by a number of factors,  the main result of one domicile having a higher line average while some others have lower line averages has to do with the most cost effective flying being assigned and ideal Flight Attendant populations. 

We recognize that each month presents unique characteristics when submitting recommendations.  Factors to consider every month include schedule transitions, line averages, and flying distribution around the beginning and end of the month as well as any holidays. Please reach out to any member of CSC if you need assistance.


DSL Changes

We continue to advise Crew Schedule Planning that any changes to IDs (whether assigned or otherwise) must be brought to our attention and reviewed with CSC before sending the DSL to the Local Schedule Committees. We encourage the Local Schedule Committees to review the DSL carefully when you receive it.  If you see unusual changes in the IDS typically assigned at your domicile, such as charter trips, and question the ID, please bring your questions and concerns to CSC. 

CSC also was informed that there was a late schedule change that effected the IAH and EWR International pairings. More specifically, with the company’s decision to cancel service into CCS the company had to eliminate and in some cases change pairings with this flying causing the DSL to change. The company worked with CSC and the LSC in these locations to accommodate these last minute changes during our SLWOF process. These changes are expected to change the lineholder and line average counts in these locations slightly.

Late in day on the second day of Build and Review (SWLOF), the company advised CSC that a file had not been uploaded into the DSL. As a result, all flights numbered in the 2000 range had not been incorporated in IDs. Section 9.A.1 of the pmUAL contract requires that all known flying be included in lines of flying and put out to bid. To adhere to the contract, the company built new flights into IDs. The company gave the IDs to CSC for our review late afternoon on Tuesday June 6th. After an overnight review of the IDs CSC then worked expeditiously on the final day of Build and Review to incorporate these IDs into the existing lines that had been submitted by the Local Schedule Committees with minimal changes as possible. Due to the discovery extremely late  in the process it was not possible to send the IDs back to the LSCs to incorporate themselves into their lines of flying given our worldwide operation, LSC availability and the short time remaining to finalize the line and send them to the publication.

Placing the new IDs into the existing lines of flying was extremely challenging. Furthermore, incorporating further changes requested by the company was equally difficult. Due to the schedule month being July and the peak flying of the airline for the entire year, the Company requested that in addition to incorporating the new IDs into existing lines, that CSC also reduce lineholder counts in many locations to ensure that a buffer of reserves remains available to cover the operation. More specifically, the operation had asked Advanced Schedule Planning to increase reserve percentages over the month and with the new block hours added to the schedule, the number of reserves needed to increase as well. These changing variables had an impact on total lineholder counts in many locations as well as the total breakdown between domestic, international, and total Reserve Flight Attendants.  Over 400 new IDS were generated and affected all US based domiciles. Individual advisories were sent out to all affected locations, LECPs, and Local Schedule Committees detailing the effect on their individual domiciles.

Accepting Lines below 71

No lines for the month of July were accepted below the 71 hour minimum.


Higher Staffing Levels

CSC acknowledged the company’s decision to increase staffing internationally to full for the summer months.


Technical Support

We have been advised by the company of the following contacts for technical support should you have issues accessing A-flyer lite:


For Citrix only issues:

            Steve Spidale at (773) 459-4640    OR   Rajesh Kumar Anbazaghan (646) 226-2343

For Alflyer issues:

            Tam Nguyen at tamnguyen@united.com    OR Arvind Giri at Arvind.giri@united.com


Reserve LOFs

CSC is happy to report that Jim Veart has improved the Reserve targets to a more manageable level, given current staffing targets and Flight Attendant populations. With lowered targets it should be much more manageable to build historical patterns. CSC does understand that in some of the smaller bases with fewer lines it still may be difficult to achieve all the desirable patterns. We continue to remain available to assist as necessary. `

We have objected to the company’s rejection of single-day off patterns and duplicate line patterns. Please continue to recommend the same Reserve patterns you traditionally every month. Of course, every effort should be made to meet the other coverage targets.  Should your recommendations include lines with a single-day off (except on the first or last day of the month) and/or duplicate lines, and the lines are rejected by the company, please be prepared to submit an additional recommendation complying ‘under protest’.  Please retain a copy of the original Reserve recommendations submitted and the recommendations submitted ‘under protest’ and provide copies to Central Schedule Committee.


Note:  Single day off patterns are being accepted at the following locations; BOS, LAS, FRA, HNL, DEN, LHR. This clarification should be included in the Reserve Cover Letter.  If there are any questions, please contact your CSC representative.

Additionally, with the return of a six day international pairing for Los Angeles, single day off patterns are no longer being accepted and a six-day fresh start is being required.

Transmission / Timeline

As mentioned in our recent reports, the company has requested that all recommendations from Local Schedule Committees be sent to your individual schedule planner and also to a general Crew Schedule Planning e-mail box at doing so allows all of the Schedule Planners to access all recommendations, especially during weekend hours.  Now that planners are able to access AFLYER from home and are doing more work at home, it is especially important that recommendations submitted by email are also sent to the Crew Schedule Planning mailbox.  When submitting your recommendations, please confirm that your Crew Schedule Planner has received them.

We remind all Local Schedule Committees the company is obligated to always provide not only the DSL, but also the pair editors and distribution summaries for all crew complements. If you are not receiving all of these tools, please contact a member of Central Schedule Committee immediately.  Even if you do not use all of these tools in your particular builds, for consistency we expect the company to consistently provide these every month to all locations.

If you do transmit electronically, please include CSC (csc@unitedafa.org) as an additional addressee on the e-mail. If you fax, arrange for your Crew Schedule Planner to confirm receipt of your recommendations. CSC suggests that you contact your Crew Schedule Planner after faxing any recommendations to ensure that the Planner actually received the faxes.  Always keep a copy of your recommendations. If you won’t be available after you’ve submitted your recommendations, be sure your Local Schedule Committee Chairperson has or knows how to obtain a copy of your work. 

Provide your Crew Schedule Planner with specific information about your availability to complete fixes to your recommendations.   If you are unable to fix your recommendations, CSC is always available to provide support and assistance – please let us know of your plans.


Contract Compliance

If you send any recommendations by FAX, please be sure to use the Crew Schedule Planning FAX at 847-264-3602.

CSC reminds all Local Schedule Committees of the need to review the relief lines of flying published by the company as soon as possible to ensure that they are indeed contractually compliant and represent the recommendations of your Local Schedule Committee. Local Schedule Committees are responsible for ensuring the relief award complies with the language of Section 9.A.2 and 9.A.3 of the Contract. 

We want to remind all Local Schedule Committee Chairpersons about the language of Section 3.N.2.b of the Contract.  As soon as possible after reviewing the DSL, when you submit Line of Flying recommendations, the Local Schedule Committee should make recommendations to the company as to the sequencing of trips for Relief and Reserve move-up lines. These recommendations are to be considered in the construction of lines. Please copy CSC in on these recommendation letters.  It is incumbent on Local Schedule Committee Chairpersons to ensure that recommendations for the construction of Relief and Reserve move-up lines of flying are submitted to the company as required by the Contract. If you have any questions, please contact a Member of Central Schedule Committee.  Please send these recommendations via e-mail to Sue Cleverly at Sue.Cleverly@united.com  and copy in Craig Lister at Craig.Lister@united.comAdditionally, please copy in csc@unitedafa.org.

As an additional point of clarification, please continue to include your Crew Schedule Planner as an addressee on the e-mail.  Crew Schedule Planning maintains the responsibility for the construction of relief lines of flying. The Flight Attendant Service Center, at the direction of OPB Crew Scheduling, has the responsibility of building the Reserve move-up lines of flying. 

CSC reminds all Local Schedule Committees of the proper application of Section 12.K. of the Contract (the international 1-in-7 rule) in the construction of line recommendations. While 1-in-7 can be satisfied as ‘One (1) 24-hour period free from duty at an away from domicile point’ it has been the long-standing practice of the Association to ensure, unless mathematically impossible, that all line recommendations include at least one (1) calendar day off at home in seven days.   Please do not back-up trips that eliminate the possibility of one (1) calendar day free from duty at home (in seven days).  If you find it impossible to do so, please contact a

Member of CSC immediately, so we can work out an alternate solution.

Relief lines should also be constructed observing one (1) calendar day off in seven at home – please continue to review your relief lines for compliance. In addition, relief lines of flying should be built using all flying that becomes open after the award of primary schedules – including any language qualified flying.  Please monitor your relief lines to ensure language relief lines are being constructed consistent with the requirements of the Contract.

Please continue to submit lines pure and in pattern as a priority. We remind Local Schedule Committees of the contractual parameters requiring the segregation of qualified flying in lines containing qualified flying.  Consideration should be given to the value of the trip pairing as well as to the utilization average, as set by the company, in determining the pattern used in making your legal recommendations. Please contact a Member of Central Schedule Committee if you have questions or membership concerns specific to your domicile.


Day at a Time Vacation (DAT)

As a reminder, Section 18.U. of the Contract provides that each Flight Attendant may take up to ten (10) days a year separate from their awarded vacation period(s). These Day at a Time (DAT) will be deducted from the Flight Attendant’s allotment from the following year’s vacation.  After the award of relief lines and before the beginning of the month, day at a time vacation (DAT) will be awarded in seniority order. Throughout the month, DAT days will be available only to the extent that regular ANP is available.  DAT days have equal priority.


Transfers:  Since our last DSL report: 






June 1st, 2017


20 (ALL)





NOTE: Time Wilson did state at our last DSL meeting that transfers are expected to continue to SFO, while EWR, IAH, and possibly DCA would be considered.

Timeline Information for Building the August 2017 Schedule

*Please Note:   The period for creating line recommendations falls over the July 4th holiday weekend with the recommendations due the night of the Holiday.   Please plan accordingly.*


International LOFs:

International DSL Review by CSC

Monday and Tuesday June 26 & 27, 2017

International DSL to Schedule Committees

Thursday June 29th, 2017

International Recommendations to Crew Schedule Planning

Due 23:59 Tuesday July 4th, 2017


Reserve LOF’s:

Reserve Targets to Schedule Committees

Thursday June 29th, 2017

Reserve Recommendations to Crew Schedule Planning

Due 23:59 Tuesday July 4th, 2017



Domestic LOFs:

Domestic DSL Review by CSC

Tuesday and Wednesday June 27th & 28th, 2017

Domestic DSL to Schedule Committees

Wednesday June 28th, 2017

Domestic Recommendations to Crew Schedule Planning

Due 23:59 Tuesday July 4th, 2017




Line Review

Wednesday- Friday July 5th – 7th , 2017


The company’s scheduled guests for the upcoming DSL meetings are:


June - LAX

July – HKG/LAS





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