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A Comprehensive Approach to Balancing Flying Opportunities Within Subsidiaries

Date: August 11, 2017

Over the course of the last several months, we have heard many of you express a desire for the company to balance flying opportunities not only between pre-merger subsidiaries but also within our respective pre-merger airline work groups.  We have heard from Flight Attendants with more than 30+ years of seniority who are on Reserve status they would like to see flying opportunities balanced within their respective subsidiary in a way that recognizes their years of service to our airline and moves them from Reserve status.  We’ve heard from others about the extended wait for transfer opportunities which would allow them to address family and other quality of life issues.  For some time now, the MEC Officers have been in discussions with United management as we have continued our advocacy and encourage management to address these quality of life issues. 

In response to our continuing advocacy, we are pleased to report that management has responded to the concerns expressed by the Union using a comprehensive approach intended to address your priorities using a three-tiered approach as described by John Slater, VP Inflight Operations which includes:

  1. Processing transfers
  2. Moving (reassigning) aircraft at certain hub locations
  3. Balancing flying

Processing transfers directly affects not only the Flight Attendants who transfer, but also provides for relief from Reserve status for some of the more senior Flight Attendants at the base/domicile. Many of those seeking to move to another domicile location for pre-merger UAL are within their first five years of their careers and will therefore serve continuous Reserve until after their fifth year anniversary.  This will have the immediate impact of reducing the senior designated reserve at the locations to which they transfer.  In a similar way, pre-merger CAL transfers into IAH will provide the more senior Flight Attendants a respite from the demands of Reserve.

Transfers to U.S. domestic locations were awarded to Flight Attendants at both pre-merger airlines as follows:

Transfers to


Pre-merger UAL


Pre-Merger CAL










SLS – 3






47 & NLS -6



LAI – 7 & LLS – 3

In addition to these transfer opportunities, management has reassigned some of the 767-400 aircraft from WTA to NTA, some 767-300 from EWR to DCA and will assign additional flying at the hubs to alleviate some of the imbalance in flying opportunities.

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