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E-Lines: August 15, 2017

Date: August 15, 2017

Seats Available for Flight 93 Journey of Remembrance

 On September 10, 2017, a journey of remembrance to the National Flight 93 Memorial Park will depart from Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). This will be a two-day event intended to “Always Remember, Never Forget”. On the first day of our journey, participating Flight Attendants will attend the "Sound Breaking Ceremony" for the Tower of Voices, which will be built as part of the final construction phase of the Flight 93 Memorial. Later that evening a memorial “Luminaria” service, where forty candled lanterns will be carried to the Wall of Names and placed under the name of each of our Flying Partners, Pilots, Customer Service Representative, and passengers of Flight 93, will take place. The next morning, we will attend the September 11th Memorial Observance Ceremony, where the names of those who lost their lives that day, will be read as the Bells of Remembrance echo through the silence of the final resting place of Flight 93. 

Flight Attendants will have ample time in the Visitor Center, to walk the final flight path of Flight 93, or to pay silent respect to those who perished that fateful day. We strongly encourage you to consider joining us as we stand together to remember the Heroes of Flight 93.   We have a few seats remaining on the bus.  Please contact: communications@unitedafa.org to register.

(UAL) Questions about Reserve Letters following recent Transfer Awards

 Following the transfer awards last week, we have received a number of questions regarding the assignment of 2018 Reserve Letters given the transfer effective date is after the Reserve Letter lists will have been generated on September 23, 2017.   Reserve Letters will be assigned based on the domicile to which transferees are expected to be based in 2018.

(UAL) Work Positions - Bidding and in an Aircraft Substitution

 With the introduction of the 777-300 aircraft and the two-class 767C, we have received a number of questions from Members asking how they can bid to ‘avoid’ the premium galley positions on these aircraft.  While bidding is less complex when the lines of flying contain the same aircraft all month, it can become a bit more complex when there is a mix of equipment in a line of flying.  To assist with bidding, a concept used many years ago has been re-introduced to assist when bidding lines that contain mixed equipment.  This is the concept of the bidding matrix.  The matrix lists information on bid positions, FLTLOF positions and work positions.

Using the example of a LHR line of flying where there are five IDs in the line, all Chicago IDs with four (4) of the IDs operating round trip on the 767N (three class) and one ID operating round trip on the 767C (two class).  When bidding the line, those who wish to bid an economy (Y) position on both aircraft would bid the B & D (bid) positions because these are the positions that work Y on both aircraft.  The FLTLOF positions associated with these bid positions are M & O.   The specific cabin work position will be determined at briefing, based on seniority (and this might include working the economy galley) depending upon the seniority of others on the flight also in a “Y” position.  The bid process provides us with the opportunity to ‘select’ or ‘avoid’ a specific cabin assignment or premium position when bidding.

 What, you may ask, happens in the case of an equipment substitution?  Using the same example above, let us assume there is an equipment substitution on one of the flights from LHR to ORD. Instead of operating a 767N, the company flies the segment with a 777-300W aircraft.

 In this case, those who bid B & D will, as a result of the substitution, work “Y” and “G” instead of both working “Y”.  Regardless of how people may bid for their monthly schedule, in an equipment substitution, the positions for the aircraft to which substituted must be filled.  These premium work positions are filled based on the FLTLOF position.  In this case, those in the N & O positions (in the case of a substitution to a 777-300W aircraft) will fill the premium galley positions on the flight.  In the same way, if the aircraft were substituted to a 747 aircraft, in the absence of a second purser qualified Flight Attendant, the person in the M ‘FLTLOF’ position will work the “B” or aft purser position.

JCBA Section 5 - When is the Company Required to Provide a Hotel Room?

 Per our Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA) Section 5.B.1. outlines the requirements for us to receive a hotel room for either a sit, layover or irregular operations while we are on duty. In addition to layovers, Section 5.B.1.a. requires we receive a hotel room:

  •  When scheduled in our pairing (ID) for more than four (4) hours. 







Section 5.B.1.b. requires we receive a hotel room:

  • When delayed at the location for four (4) hours or more from the time the delay is known

 We are entitled to a hotel room when, at the time the delay is known, it is greater than four hours.  This does NOT apply for “creeping” delays or when the “sit” time is increased as a result of an early arrival into the station.

  •  After reporting for duty at the home domicile there is a delay of four (4) hours or more from when the delay is known.

Vacation Accrual

 A Flight Attendant’s (base) vacation accrual is established by her/his completed years of service with the Company and may be adjusted in accordance with paid activity during the vacation accrual year.

Completed Years of Service                        Base Vacation Accrual
1-4 Years 12 Days
5-9 Years 19 Days
10-16 Years 26 Days
17-24 33 Days
25+ 40 Days

  As a newly employed Flight Attendant, how do I accrue vacation?

 Newly employed Flight Attendants accrue one (1) day of vacation for each full month of continuous employment during the remainder of the Vacation Accrual year after the date of their initial employment. If employed prior to the 15th day of the calendar month, vacation credit shall be given for the full month.

 What is the Vacation Accrual Year?

 The Vacation Accrual Year is defined as the 12-month period beginning with the September 2016 bid month through the August 2017 bid month.  This is the “look back” period over which paid activity is evaluated to determine vacation accrual eligibility.

 What are the vacation accrual quarters for the 2016 – 2017 Vacation Accrual Year?

 For 2016 – 2017, vacation accrual quarters are tied to pre-merger affiliation and contractual bid months in effect for last year.


How does paid activity affect vacation accrual?

 Your annual (base) vacation accrual will be reduced when the paid activity in each quarter of the Vacation Accrual year does not meet either the 60-hour – 119:59 hour or the 120 hour or greater metric for accrual as follows:

  •  A Flight Attendant who completes one hundred twenty (120) hours or more of paid activity in each quarter of the 2016-2017 Vacation Accrual Year, will receive full vacation accrual (100% of base vacation accrual).
  •  A Flight Attendant who completes fewer than one hundred twenty (120) hours but at least sixty (60) hours of paid activity in each quarter of the 2016 - 2017 Vacation Accrual Year, will receive fifty percent of vacation accrual (50% of the Base Vacation Accrual.)
  •  A Flight Attendant who completes fewer than sixty (60) Hours of paid activity for each quarter of the 2016 – 2017 Vacation Accrual Year will accrue no vacation.

Vacations can also be reduced as a result of Leaves of Absence.

Vacation Reductions

 A Flight Attendant on a Leave of Absence (except occupational), furlough or disciplinary suspension will have her/his vacation reduced by 1/12th for each thirty (30) days or major portion on a prorated basis.

 What happens to my vacation accrual if I take a Company Offered Leave (COLA)?

 A Flight Attendant on a Company Offered Leave of Absence (COLA) will have her/his 2018 Vacation reduced for the period she/he is on the COLA.

 What happens to my vacation accrual if I take a Special COLA?

 A Flight Attendant on a Special COLA will not have her/his 2018 Vacation reduced for the period she/he is on the Special COLA.

 Pre-merger CAL & CMI Flight Attendants - Evaluation Period

 The evaluation period for the reduction due to leave of absence for the 2018 Vacation year will be December 30, 2016 - August 29, 2017.  (The period was shortened in order to bring all Flight Attendants into a single evaluation period.)

 Pre-merger UAL Flight Attendants - 30 Day ANP

 Flight Attendants on 30-day ANP will not have their 2018 Vacation reduced for the period while on ANP.  However, two (2) periods of 30-day ANP, back to back or 30-day ANP in conjunction with any other leave of absence or ANP will result in the 2018 Vacation accrual reduction.

 Pre-merger UA Flight Attendants who have taken Day at a Time (DAT) Vacation

 Flight Attendants may take up to ten (10) vacation days “borrowing” these from the next year’s allotment. Day at a time (DAT) taken during the accrual period of August 30, 2016 – August 29, 2017 will reduce the 2018 Vacation on a day-for-day basis.

 The following chart illustrates vacation reductions resulting from a Leave of Absence:

The following is an example of a Flight Attendant who had a leave of absence and did not receive full accrual based on paid activity.  In this example, the Flight Attendant has completed thirty (30) years of service and has an annual base vacation of forty (40) days.  For each quarter where the Flight Attendant completes 120 hours or more of paid activity, the actual per quarter accrual is ten (10) days.

This same Flight Attendant was also on a non-occupational Medical Leave of Absence for ninety (90) days during the third (Q3) and fourth (Q4) quarters.  As a result of this Medical Leave of Absence, the vacation accrual is reduced by 3/12, that is, 1/12 reduction for each 30 days or major portion thereof.  The vacation accrual is reduced by 10 days.

 The vacation accrual based on reductions for Leaves of Absences is a total of 30 days.

 NOTE: When the base vacation for a Flight Attendant is reduced for both the paid activity and leaves of absence, the greatest reduction is applied.  In the above example, the 40-day vacation for the Flight Attendant is reduced to 30 days.

Vacation Accrual Letters

 On September 25, 2017, Vacation Accrual Letters will be available for viewing by all Flight Attendants in CCS.  To access your personalized Vacation Accrual Letter in CCS:

  •  Go to Bidding > My Vacation.

 What is a Vacation Accrual Letter?

 A vacation accrual letter is a personalized communication to each Flight Attendant consisting of the following information:

  •  Your vacation accrual seniority date and the number of adjusted days, if any, for leave of absence (LOA).
  •  Based on this seniority date, your 2018 base (annual) vacation accrual
  •  Your paid activity for each quarter of the 2017 Vacation Accrual Year
  •  The number of 2018 Vacation days reduced for any applicable leave(s) of absence
  •  Your total 2018 Vacation accrual in days and hours

 From the Vacation Accrual Letter webpage, you are able to proceed to the Vacation Election options.

(CAL) One Month COLA for October 

 The company will be offering a one (1) month Company Offered Leave of Absence (COLA) and Jobshares for the bid month of October 2017.  If interested the deadline for the COLA and Jobshare should be placed in CCS by August 20, 2017 by 10am Local Domicile time.

 Section 15.B. and 15.N. of the Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA) provides details about the COLA, and Section 16. of the JCBA provides details about the Jobshare program.  We suggest reviewing these parameters before placing a request on file. As a reminder, Medical Benefits at active employee rates are not included in the one-month COLA program.

 For more information, please contact your Local Council Office

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