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A Message from MEC President Ken Diaz

Date: August 28, 2017

Dear Flying Partners:

Hurricane Harvey, and the historic rainfall and flooding associated with it, have created an unprecedented challenge for AFA Members and United.  Throughout the weekend I have been in contact with Local Council 42 (IAH) President Denny Wheeling, United Management and AFA International to coordinate resources and ensure that our Flight Attendants in Houston are as safe as possible and that management is providing the resources to house and protect our crews.  

Management has already communicated that no discipline is being rendered during this event.  Management has increased coverage to accommodate the call volume to Scheduling and wait times are reported to be averaging 7 minutes.  While there has been some flooding in hotels, most of the reserves are being housed at the Marriott which was still ok, as of last night. In addition, Denny and I have been briefed on the plans for recovery.  United will be operating humanitarian flights into Houston with critical supplies for our employees.  We will continue to work with Management over the coming days, weeks and months to ensure humanitarian support is ongoing.

Management has been communicating through a variety of means.  A good deal of information has been posted in CCS with more general information shared through Flying Together.  As Oscar mentioned in his message yesterday, he is committed to our communities for as long as it takes to recover. 

AFA International President Sara Nelson has also been monitoring events closely.  Yesterday, she notified AFA’s Board of Directors that AFA’s Disaster Relief Fund is available for victims of Hurricane Harvey.  In addition, AFA’s EAP services are on call to assist our members in need of emotional support during this harrowing event. To reach EAP call 1-800-424-2406.

The United MEC will continue to advocate on behalf of our members as this tragedy continues to evolve and throughout the aftermath and recovery.  As Flight Attendants, we are best when we take care of each other.

In Solidarity,

Ken Diaz
President United Master Executive Council
Association of Flight Attendants - CWA


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