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Update - Limited Operations Resume at Bush Intercontinental as of 4:00PM August 30, 2017

Date: August 30, 2017

Tonight United management provided an update on the limited re-opening of Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston as of 4:00PM today following receipt of the necessary approvals by the city of Houston and the Federal Aviation Administration.  The company will operate three fights inbound to IAH from EWR, ORD and SFO as well as three outbound flights to DEN, EWR and ORD.    Flights to and from IAH will increase over the coming days.

United management has recognized not only the difficulties Flight Attendants who are based at or live in Houston have faced over the past several days they have acknowledged the contributions of all Flight Attendants who have been impacted by the historical weather events in Houston.   Management made a commitment earlier this week, “..ensuring that pay will be provided for every scheduled work day that your work facility remains closed as a result of the storm via a modification of the Adverse Weather Facility Closed Policy.

For those Flight Attendants returning to IAH, your personal safety must be your top priority. As you assess Harvey-related damage and determine you may be in need of financial assistance, reach out to United We Care at 877-825-3729.

Recognizing the additional financial burden resulting from the extended time away from home, earlier this week, management communicated to IAH-based Flight Attendants who were away in international cities for extended period of time, information about an additional $50 daily meal credit that was made available through the layover hotel.   In recognition of an equal hardship for those stranded away from home at domestic locations, management will expand this offering to Flight Attendants at domestic locations also affected by Harvey under the following circumstances:

·         Retain receipt for meal reimbursement up to $50 per day.

·         This additional meal allowance is in effect through Friday, September 1, 2017.

As the company begins to make preparations for the resumption of service at Houston, there are some specific requests that are being made of each of us in order to facilitate the start-up of the operation based on individual, unique circumstances as follows:

Flight Attendants based at or lives in Houston:

·         Please contact Crew Scheduling to provide a status update on your ability to work any trips beginning Thursday, August 31.  For example, if you live in Houston and have a trip on August 31st in SFO, please contact Crew Scheduling as soon as possible if you will be unable to make your trip.    For any trip you are unable to make tomorrow, August 31, including Reserves unable to make a trip tomorrow, you will be pay protected.    Reserve pay protection will be for the Reserve day on August 31st.

·         In an effort to provide a level of flexibility for those living in the affected areas of Houston,  if you are based in Houston and have been unable to return to your home due to the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, it is expected that flights will be available tomorrow to return you home.  Please contact scheduling to coordinate your return flight. 

Flight Attendants stranded away from Houston base/domicile:

·         If you are a Houston based Flight Attendant who elects not to travel back to Houston tomorrow, be advised that you will be eligible for reassignment to open flight segments starting Friday, September 1, 2017.  As an example, if originally scheduled to return to Houston on Aug. 27, but due to Harvey you’ve been stuck in Chicago, if you elect not to return home tomorrow, Aug. 31, there is a possibility that you will be re-assigned to an open flight(s).

·         If you are unable to make a trip or Reserve day as of September 1st due to Harvey, you will not be compensated for the lost time.  However, the trips/Reserve days will be removed from your line without disciplinary action.

Please direct any additional questions you may have to the Crew Desk or your supervisor.

Additional updates:

1.    United Express operations to/from Houston (IAH) will remain suspended.

2.    35 Mainline hub-to-hub flights are expected to resume tomorrow, August 31

3.    Jet bridges are operational.

4.    While there was minimal flooding at the facility, facilities are expected to be operational.

5.    If you are in need of a uniform, please contact the Houston domicile/base.  While some uniform items are in place, management is working to get additional uniform items to the base/domicile as soon as possible to support those Flight Attendants affected by the storm.

6.    Loaner LINK devices are available at the base/domicile.

7.    If you have lost your ID badge, the onsite supervisor/manager is available to assist you in obtaining a replacement.

8.    The employee parking lot at IAH is reported to be in good condition.   Employee buses will be running on a limited schedule.

9.    Access to the IAH airport is good on most routes with the exception of U.S. Route 59 north from Kingwood.  You can track road closures at the Texas Department of Transportation website.

As additional information related to Hurricane Harvey and the Houston facilities become available, updates will be provided.

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