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Hurricane Recovery Efforts Still in Place - How Can You Help?

Date: September 19, 2017

Many employees continue to ask how they can help their fellow United employees as they recover from the impact of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and now prepare for the potential damage hurricane Maria could cause.  At the same time, working in tandem, AFA and the company continue to look for new ways to enable people to contribute to the ongoing Herculean efforts that are underway in getting people back into their homes. Below you will find several ways you may contribute to the recovery of those in need. 

*All vacation payout requests and vacation time donations must be submitted by September 24, 2017.  If you have questions on either of these options, please contact the Employee Service Center via United ServiceAnywhere (USAW) and select "Vacation Donation" or "Vacation Payout" from the dropdown menu.

 *NOTE: GUM-based Flight Attendants are not currently eligible, but we are working to find a way for them to participate in the future.

2018 Vacation Payout 

2018 Vacation Donation Programs


Donate Now to the Disaster Relief Fund

Additionally, if you know of any AFA Members in need, direct them to our AFA EAP hurricane help resource page, located on Unitedafa.org. Here you will find useful information about FEMA, On-line Medical Care, Unemployment Assistance, Lost or Destroyed Documents and even Medication Replacement Assistance. To talk to a local AFA EAP Committee Member to confidentially discuss concerns or reactions, go to www.afacwa.org/employee_assistance or call 800-424-2406 to find your local EAP Committee Members. 

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