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(pmUA) Time Off/Reduced Flying Options for November & December 2017

Date: September 29, 2017

Inflight Scheduling will be awarding pmUA Flight Attendants a Special COLA for a 2-month period November through December 2017. This Special COLA will include medical benefits at active employee rates. Vacation and sick pay accrual will not apply for those awarded this Special COLA. pmUA Flight Attendants can submit a bid for a Special COLA in Unimatic using LOAREQ indicating SP. Your request must indicate the following date ranges: 10-30-2017 to 12-29-2017

The number of Special COLAs and locations have not yet been determined. Please submit your bid no later than Monday, Oct. 2nd, 2017 at 08:00 Central Time. The awards will be published in Unimatic (refer to FDSK and FDWH). Two month Special COLAS will be awarded first priority before any one-month regular COLAS and Jobshares are awarded for November. If you already have a request in CCS for a one-month Jobshare or regular COLA it will not be awarded until after the deadline for submitting for the 2-month Special COLA has passed and they have been awarded.


One month Jobshares and regular one-month COLAs will close on the contractual date of September 20 at 1000 local base time. Flight attendants awarded the 2-month Special COLA will be required to fly their last trip that carries over into November. Please refer to 15.C.2 (paragraph 15.B.5) of the JCBA.  


Note:  For November, there will be no one-month Special COLAs awarded.  Instead, only one-month COLAs and Jobshares will be awarded at the same time. Medical benefits at active employee rates are not included in the one-month COLA program. If you are interested in the one month COLA or Jobshare, you will need to submit your request in CCS. The deadline to request the one month COLA or Jobshare programs will be September 20 for the November schedule month.   


Please review the information in Section 15.B and 15.N of the JCBA for further details associated with a COLA and Section 16 for details associated with the Jobshare program.

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