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Vacation Accrual Impacted by Leaves of Absence

Date: September 29, 2017

As a reminder, the process of determining the vacation accrual to which you are entitled has two steps to it. First, there is an evaluation of the number of hours flown during each vacation quarter.  Vacation quarters have been contractually defined as follows:

First Quarter

Second Quarter

Third Quarter

Fourth Quarter

September – November

December – February

March – May

June - August


During each month of the quarter, vacation accrual is compared against completion of the following hours:

Full Accrual

120 Hours or more

Half Accrual

60 to 119:59 hours

No accrual

Fewer than 60 hours


Once that comparison is completed, there is a secondary process that validates Flight Attendants were active for each of the 12 thirty day periods during the Annual Vacation year.  For each 30-day period or major portion thereof (prorated), where the Flight Attendant is inactive - that is, on a leave of absence (except occupational illness or injury leave) during the vacation accrual year, vacation accrual is reduced by 1/12.

What does this mean?   It is important to understand that vacation accrual is impacted by not only the requirement to meet certain flying metrics (60/120) it is also impacted by leaves of absence. If you have additional questions, contact your Local Council office.

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