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Reassignments – What’s the rule?

Date: January 5, 2018

There are a number of circumstances which can cause us to lose all or part of our pairing/ID with weather being one of them. As a reminder, the Reassignment provisions of our JCBA have not as yet been implemented. Flight Attendants should be aware that all reassignments are to be addressed consistent with the terms of the scheduling provisions of the pre-merger agreement.   

pmCAL – Refer to Section 5.K. There are different parameters to follow if notice of loss of time occurs on the same calendar day as departure or if notice is one or more calendar days out. Further impacting Reassignments is whether or not a Severe Weather Action Plan (SWAP), as outlined in Section 5.K.2., is in effect.

pmUAL – Sections 8.J. for domestic and 12.I. in the international operation apply only when at your home domicile. Away from home, Sections 9.I. and 9.K apply for reassignments domestically, and 12.Q. and 12.R. for the international operation. Any reassignment must ensure you remain legal for your next scheduled assignment. The reassignment must also comply with legalities including 35-in-7 and 8:30-in-24 domestically; and 24-in-7 and 1-in-7 for both operations.  Additionally, any reassignment must fall within your monthly maximum.

If you have any questions please contact your Local Representatives.

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