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System Scheduling Report – December, 2017 DSL Review Report

Date: January 9, 2018

MEC Central Schedule Committee

Section 3.N. of our JCBA established the requirement for the Union’s Central Schedule Committee. This critical Committee of our Union is responsible for the oversight and creation of our monthly flight schedules.  This dedicated group of individuals is responsible to review the flying assigned at each domicile location, but also is responsible for creating the recommendations that become the monthly lines of flying.  This Committee monitors statistics, staffing, new flying, utilization, Reserve scheduling, monthly leaves of absence and ensures compliance with the scheduling rules contained within our respective Contracts.

Because this Committee is responsible for the monitoring and development of the system flying schedules, the dedicated individuals who make up this committee have their hands on the pulse of the airline. For this reason, you are encouraged to review their lengthy (14 page) report on all of the parameters used to develop the flight schedule.  Please review our Central Schedule Committee’s most recent report of their activities.

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