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Your AFA - AFA Works for You

Date: January 9, 2018

MEC Communications Committee

This is the first in a series of articles designed to familiarize the Membership with the AFA Union structure and the value our MEC Committees bring in their representational efforts.

Everything our Union works to achieve begins and ends with improving the life of each Member of our Union Family.  Whether this means fighting for additional benefits, higher wages, or demanding safer working conditions, your Union leadership is dedicated to making and maintaining (enforcing) our Contract.

Each individual Union Member is capable of causing great change to occur. In the simplest way, by bringing new ideas to the fore for discussion and consideration. Our belief in the power of a committed group of people, is absolutely unshakable.

The structure of AFA works because our Members directly elect their Local Executive Council (LEC) representatives, President, Vice President and Secretary, within and among their own Members. These Local Council Officers, at the direction of the Local Council President, set out to serve their fellow Members, always ensuring the rights of the Memberships are respected and protected. These are the dedicated individuals to whom you look for guidance, advice, in developing a solutions oriented approach to work-related problems. Your Local Leaders are also charged with helping their Members understand the many contractual provisos, and to seek out difficult answers to more complex problems by communicating with other Union officials.

The Local Council Presidents are Members of the Master Executive Council (MEC), which also includes the greater Union’s President, Vice-President, and Secretary Treasurer. Together, all of these individuals serve as the Union’s governing body for that airline. The Master Executive Council works on behalf of their entire Membership and at the direction of the combined leadership to protect & represent their Flight Attendants' rights. 

Within the MEC structure are the various MEC Committees consisting of the Chairperson and Members of the Committee they oversee. Elected to their positions by Local Council Presidents, the Committee Chairpersons and Committee Members are specialists in their fields. They work to provide the best representational services possible to the Members, under the direct supervision of the Master Executive Council Officers.

The MEC Presidents at each of the 21 airlines make up the Executive Board, which provides leadership and guidance to the International Officers, and makes sure Union policies and procedures are always heeded when the full AFA-CWA Board of Directors is not in session to provide this direction.

The AFA-CWA Board of Directors (BOD) is made up of the Local Council Presidents at the 21 airlines that make up our Union and is the governing body of our Union. The AFA-CWA BOD are the policy makers of the Union. They represent the entire Membership, and their duties include electing the International Officers. 

The International Officers coordinate Union activities and work closely with the Executive Board and the AFA-CWA Board of Directors, pursuing and advancing the Union Members' priorities.

In anticipation of our upcoming quarterly meeting of the United Master Executive Council, Local Council Meetings are taking place around the system this week. This is your opportunity to communicate your concerns with your Local President and to inform her/him of your views on matters that affect our Union, our company and our profession.  Letting your voice be heard via a Local Meeting is the way to let your Local President know where you stand on issues that affect all of us.

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