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E-Lines: January 12, 2018

Date: January 12, 2018

Pre-payment of Full Year 2018 Union Dues & Discontinuation of Monthly Dues Deduction

For Flight Attendants who took advantage of the opportunity to pre-pay the full year, 2018, union dues please note, Union dues are deducted each month for the previous month’s dues obligation. January 2018, Union dues covers our December 2018 deduction.  For those who prepaid their Union dues, it is important to understand that the January 2018 deduction will still be withheld.  AFA Membership Services will be working to instruct United payroll to discontinue these monthly dues deductions effective as of February 1, 2018.  As prepayments are processed, United Payroll will be advised to discontinue the Dues Check Off (DCO) effective as of February 1, 2018. If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council Office.  

Harmonized Transfer Process Applies for All Flight Attendants Effective March 2018
One United

The process for awarding transfers between bases will be harmonized effective with the March 2018 bid period. The harmonized transfer process offers opportunities for all Flight Attendants:

  • Two base requests permitted when submitting a transfer
  • Ability to accept or decline transfers required within seven (7) days of award date
  • Displays that allow Flight Attendants to see relative position on transfer lists
  • Transfers awarded at any time eliminating pmCAL 5th of the month deadline
  • None responses results in transfer award considered decline
  •  If declined, three (3) month transfer inhibit applied
  • If accepted, six (6) month transfer restriction applied at new location
  • Transfers permitted only between pre-merger locations until common scheduling platform.  For example, pmUAL Flight Attendants may not transfer to CLE nor may pmCAL Flight Attendants transfer to BOS.

Read the full details about the new Harmonized transfer awards for pmCO Flight Attendants here.

COLAs and Jobshare Information
MEC Central Schedule Committee

A total of 307 three-month (January-March) COLAs were awarded. COLA and Jobshares create schedule flexibility for Flight Attendants while providing management a means to reduce any overall manpower surplus as a result of seasonal decreases in flying.  This also reduces the need to lower line averages and increases the company’s flexibility in managing Reserve utilization. 

In addition to the 307 three-month COLAs awarded during the January through March period, there were a total of 600 jobshare requests for January, 2018, on a system-wide basis. Though not all requests were granted, the company has expressed there are still some domiciles which are overstaffed.  Management has announced they are offering a one-month Company Offered Leave of Absence (COLA) and Jobshares for all Flight Attendants for the March 2018 bid period. The deadline to request the one month COLA or Jobshare will be January 20, 2018 at 1000 home domicile time. Requests for these programs are made via CCS.

To review the full System Scheduling Report outlining the assignment of flying for February, visit the MEC Central Schedule DSL Report on the MEC website.

Smart Bag Policy Change Applies to All Passengers, including Crewmembers
MEC Safety, Health & Security Committee

Effective January 15, 2018, the new policy regarding smart bags will go into effect. Your MEC Safety, Health & Security Committee would like to make sure you are aware of this change.

Smart bags will only be allowed on board the aircraft, whether cargo or carry-on, if the batteries are removable from the bag. Once removed, the batteries may be transported in the passenger’s carry-on baggage.  Any bag, in which the battery cannot be removed is not allowed on any United or United Express flight. Passengers are advised of this policy through multiple channels, while booking, check-in screens, gate announcements as well as on united.com. If you are made aware of a passenger traveling with a smart bag and the battery cannot be removed from the bag, redirect the passenger to the Customer Service Representative (CSR) then inform the captain. This policy requiring the removal of the battery applies equally to crewmembers.

Safety Demonstration Kits – Addressing Missing Pieces or Needs Repair
MEC Safety, Health & Security Committee

Safety Demonstration Kits are part of the ship’s equipment and part of Flight Attendant preflight checks. If you find any Safety Demonstration Kit with defective pieces, missing pieces or in need of repair or replacement, as with any piece of emergency equipment not meeting the Flight Attendant preflight requirements, complete the cabin discrepancy report and submit the report to the lead/purser and pilots to ensure the equipment can be corrected/replaced to comply with the guidelines set forth in the eFAOM.

Winter 2018 Regular Meeting of the United Master Executive Council

Next week, the 2018 Winter Regular Meeting of the United MEC will be held in Rosemont, IL. Your Locally Elected Leaders from the sixteen (16) AFA Local Councils gather and work democratically to advance the interests and priorities of the more than 24,000 United Flight Attendants. We encourage all Members in good standing to attend.

United MEC Meeting
January 16 – 18, 2018
Hyatt Rosemont
6350 N. River Rd
Rosemont, IL

A courtesy shuttle runs every 20 minutes and picks up at Door 1 from the Bus/Shuttle Center on Level 1 of the Main Parking Garage.  Complimentary parking is also available at the hotel.

(pmUA) 2017 Reserve Wish List Review
MEC Reserve Committee

This year, 367 Reserves from across the system were granted one of their Christmas Wish List (CWL) requests. The MEC Reserve Committee monitored the process each evening to ensure correct assignment procedures were followed.

There was only one valid report of a mis-award during the CWL period, which was caught by the MEC Reserve Committee in time to be corrected. We did receive other assignment questions from Members, but for the most part, the underlying confusion involved changes made to CWL requests after the deadline to be considered for a given day’s process.

Award Tally by Domicile



































GUL Auto-Enrollment of Flight Attendants Returning from Leaves of Absence/Furlough
MEC Benefits Committee

In recent weeks there has been a great deal of discussion about the reasons for and the process by which Flight Attendants are auto-enrolled in Group Universal Life Coverage (GUL) administered by Securian when returning from leaves of absence, furloughs or reinstatement from termination. Auto-enrollment occurs for Flight Attendants returning from Leaves of Absence who did not elect to maintain coverage while on Leave or who had not previously elected this coverage.  These individuals are enrolled in Group Universal Life Coverage under the same conditions as a new hire Flight Attendant.  With no requirement to provide Evidence of Insurability (EOI), Flight Attendants are automatically provided coverage at four (4) times their annual salary and $30,000 coverage for a spouse/domestic partner.  Additionally, if the Flight Attendant reduced her/his coverage below the default coverage limits, the auto-enrollment feature will “bump up” the coverage back up to four times the annual salary for the employee and $30,000 for the spouse or domestic partner. 

In every instance when coverage is reinstated through the auto-enrollment process, an enrollment package is mailed the following day directly to the employee at her/his address of record with United Airlines advising that auto-enrollment has occurred and the coverage that is being provided.

You might ask why the Union would have negotiated the auto-enrollment feature for our Members.  The answer is very straight forward.  That is, for the protection of our Members.  The auto-enrollment feature along with no requirement to provide Evidence of Insurability ensures that our Members who may have received an adverse medical determination while out on leave are able to provide some level of financial security for their family. Along with this auto-enrollment feature, AFA negotiated a 45 day period following auto-enrollment during which the employee can cancel coverage without penalty and a guaranteed return of any premiums paid if cancelled during this period. 

In the event the Flight Attendant does not want this default GUL coverage, or wants to reduce it, they must respond to the enrollment kit received from Securian. To cancel or reduce coverage, a Flight Attendant can either go online to the Securian website (access through Flight Together under Employee Services, then YBR) and following the prompts.  Alternatively, by calling Securian at 1-866-887-1043 and completing the required cancellation form. Until the cancellation form is processed by Securian, payroll deductions continue. There is no refund for premiums paid until the cancellation of coverage is processed and a cancellation certificate, signed by the Flight Attendant, is returned and received by Securian.

Currently, our efforts are directed at ensuring the enrollment package sent to the employee is clearly identified for the employee receiving it.  We are also working to ensure that Flight Attendants who transition to a leave of absence while away from work are provided a copy of or notified that they should review the company’s Leave of Absence information packet to ensure they are familiar with their rights under the auto-enrollment feature.

If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council Office.

(pmCAL) Save Reserve Day Off Adjustment Screen in CCS
MEC Reserve Committee

In December, the Joint Implementation Team (JIT) announced changes to the Adjustment Request screen in CCS. The One United article (“pm-CO Vacation Slide Update” 12/12/17) was focused on the new method to access the Adjustment Request screen, and the steps Flight Attendants should follow to submit Vacation Slide requests.

When Flight Attendants began to interact with the updated screen, however, we learned that there were some additional changes to the screens that may not have been fully understood based on the initial communication. Not communicated was the fact that the new screen has been divided into two sections.  Please read the entire article addressing the change to the screen. Other than the timing of when Vacation Slide requests must be submitted by the 20th of the month, there have been no other changes to these processes.

Reminders and Quick Links

January 15                   Voluntary Insurance Benefits Open Enrollment, Crew Room Visits Begin

January 16                   Revision #23 of the eFAOM available in the Manuals app for download

January 16 – 18           Winter 2018 Regular Meeting of the United MEC

January 23                   Bridge Loan Acceptance Deadline

January 31                   Deadline to Apply for Union Plus Scholarship

February 1                   Revision #23 Due

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