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July CQ “Due” or “Must Go” Training Reassignments for those who Travel to CQ

Date: January 26, 2018

Late last week, AFA reviewed the company’s plan to make some changes in the scheduling of CQ during the peak “July” schedule month for those Flight Attendants who are required to travel to a location other than their base to attend training.

In anticipation of the peak 2018 summer flying season, management identified an opportunity to improve productivity during the peak July flying month. This plan will only affect those Flight Attendants who travel from their base to another location to attend CQ.  Flight Attendants who travel from their base to another location for training will be required to re-bid their due (must go) CQ training month from July to a month earlier in the calendar year to ensure regulatory compliance. The options include March 2018, April 2018 & May 2018.   In addition to supporting corporate productivity objectives through the reduction in the length of training assignments, this decision will also provide the corporation with the ability to maximize revenue opportunities on the flights where seats would otherwise have been used to transport Flight Attendants to and from training.

It cannot be stressed enough that this change affects only those Flight Attendants who travel to attend training at a location other than their domicile/base.  Flight Attendants at LHR, DEN, SFO, ORD, EWR, IAH & GUM are not affected because training is conducted at the domicile/base and no travel is required.   CLE is not affected because Flight Attendants are not scheduled to attend training during July.

During bargaining for our JCBA, maintaining the ability for Flight Attendants to have a ninety (90) day window to complete CQ using a “May Go”, “Must Go” or  “(DUE)”, or “Grace month” approach during which training could be completed, was a priority for AFA and our Members.   Moving those with a MUST GO (DUE) month from July to an earlier month in the year is required.  If you have a July “must go” or “due” month and do not bid, you will be assigned in inverse order of seniority, starting with the earliest month.

In the months of June and August, we sought to ensure that Flight Attendants would have the option to move from those months if they so desired since no travel to training will be permitted in July.  The impact of the travel restriction is different for the June and August “must go” attendees.  For example, June ‘must go’ would not have a July ‘grace month’ in which to attend while August “must go” attendees would not have a July “may go” month. 

However, we insisted the company provide opportunities for Flight Attendants in these two months to make a change, at their option.

The following chart is designed to provide specific information for each of the pre-merger groups based on the respective “Must Go” or CQ Due month.  For example, starting from the left of the chart, if you are a pre-merger United Flight Attendant with a June Must Go or Due month, click on the JUNE schedule month box marked (a) to review your options.

Pre-merger Group

Must Go (DUE)

Must Go (DUE)

Must Go (DUE)


JUNE (a)







pmUAL Flight Attendants will use Unimatic to submit bids for new CQ must go months while  pmCAL Flight Attendants will submit their preferences via e-mail. 

Note: If you are on a Leave of Absence status at the time of the award, you will not be assigned a new due (must go) month.

Without regard to pre-merger affiliation, bidding will open, close and post based on the following schedule with all bids being awarded in base seniority order.

CQ due month Bids Open: Tuesday January 23, 2018 at 1200 CST
CQ due month Bid Close: Monday February 05, 2018 at 0700 CST
CQ due month Bids Posted:  No later than February 06, 2018 at 0700 CST.

We encourage those having a June, July or August must go or “due” month to review the information available from the links above.  If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council Office.

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