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Clarifying White and Purple Flag Designated Days

Date: October 3, 2018

Management has recently announced white and purple flag days in several designated bases, sparking Flight Attendants to inquire about the differences between the two incentive payments provided when utilizing the provisions of White and Purple Flag designated days. 

The White Flag designator is specific to particular base/bases and days, whereas the Purple flag indicator, although also specific to a base/bases, indicates a specific pairing(s) within a base and may not be inclusive to all pairings listed in open time. Both flag indicators provide for additional compensation at a rate of one-hundred and fifty percent (150%) of the pay rates in Section 4.A. White & purple flag pay is determined by the pay rates set forth in the chart in Section 4.B.2. of our JCBA. 

As required by the terms of our JCBA, white and purple flag pay may be designated by the Company when there is a deficit in Flight Attendant staffing. The company, at their discretion, can determine the base/bases and the specific day/days that a “white or purple” flag will be designated. However, under both of these contractual provisions, Flight Attendants will be required to follow the specific parameters of picking up a white or purple flag designated pairing in order to receive the additional compensation as outlined in Section 4.B.

White Flag parameters:Once the company has determined that a certain day will be designated as a white flag day, they will post the effected base/bases on CCS and include the effective dates, time and criteria for Flight Attendants to pick-up a pairing from open time. The pairings will be listed in CCS open time and indicated with a white flag indicator located next to the pairing. 

Additionally, Flight Attendants picking up a white flag pairing must be in position to work the pairing and to operate the pairing or, if cancelled, be reassigned in order to qualify for pay protection. All out of base pick up rules apply.  To qualify for “White Flag Pay”, the pairing must actually be flown and is paid for all credited time.

Purple Flag Parameters:At management discretion, specific trips not specific days, 
will indicate the pairing with a small purple flag indicator. When a Flight Attendant picks up a trip from open time that is designated as “purple flag” she/he shall be paid one hundred and fifty percent (150%) of the pay rates provided for the incentive pay chart located in section 4.B. of our JCBA. Flight Attendants will be compensated for all credited flight time, including holding time. Additionally, if a purple flag pairing is subsequently traded, the Flight Attendant actually flying the pairing shall be entitled to the purple flag pay.  

Note:Beginning, October 1, 2018, it is no longer required for Flight Attendants to call scheduling in order to pick-up a white or purple flag pairing from Open Time. All pairings can be picked up utilizing CCS. 

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