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A Review of the EBB Trip Advertisement Features

Date: October 6, 2018

Flight Attendants recently reported confusion when placing trip advertisements for a straight pick-up verses a Mutual Trade. For clarification purposes the electronic bulletin board (eBB) is available for advertising pairings or portions of pairings for trade/pick up within the base. However, Flight Attendants are not required to create an advertisement in order to conduct a mutual trade or a straight pick-up. Mutual trades and straight pick-ups may be accomplished by two Flight Attendants simply entering the mutual trade through “Direct Trade” or “Pick-up”.

Once a Flight Attendant makes the decision to place an advertisement on the EBB it is important to utilize the correct advertisement feature. To clarify, straight pick-ups are trips that you advertise for pick-up and if picked up, will be removed from the Flight Attendants line of flying. Whereas, a Mutual trade is an advertisement to trade your trip with another Flight Attendant in exchange for a trip on their line of flying. An example of a mutual Trade advertisement:

A Flight Attendant was awarded a line containing a HKG pairing. However, they prefer to fly FCO. They advertise for a Flight Attendant to Flight Attendant mutual trade stating the following details: I have HKG on the 14th that I would like to trade for FCO on any date. Text or call xxx-xxx-xxxx. 

When utilizing either of this advertisement functions it is a good idea read all the comments or Make an offer section and to include contact information. 

Note: Flight Attendants are required to fly their original pairing if no other Flight Attendant picks up that flying at least four hours (4:00) prior to check-in. Less than four hours (4:00) prior to check-in, two (2) Flight Attendants may complete a Flight Attendant to Flight Attendant trade before check-in if both are physically present at the base and the trade is approved by Crew Scheduling no later than two hours (2:00) prior to scheduled departure.

Flight Attendants are encouraged to contact their Local Council Representatives for additional information.

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