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Safety Checks & Doors – Stop, Drop & Review

Date: October 6, 2018

MEC Safety, Health and Security Committee

Common Metal has arrived, and with it, many new distractions and challenges. Regardless of our pre-merger affiliation, we fully expect we will confront these new challenges as consummate Safety Professionals despite any uncertainty or lack of familiarity with any new aircraft.

We remind everyone of the importance of completing a proper preflight safety check. It is an FAR requirement that Flight Attendants complete preflight safety checks prior to door closure.Do not be rushed into door closure until you have completed a thorough pre-flight safety check – especially if you are on an unfamiliar aircraft.

When accomplishing your preflight checks, we recommend using your eFAOM>SOP>preflight safety responsibilities, and your aircraft assignment tables. Your safety checks include but are not limited to: 

  • review of jump seat operation,
  • location of decompression oxygen, 
  • a preflight of your assigned door(s), 
  • a review of emergency switches, 
  • a review of emergency equipment in your assigned area, 
  •  lavatory and/or galley checks, 
  • operation of the PA system, 
  • safety demo equipment, and
  •  inflight video equipment operation (if applicable). 

As you know the list has many items to check in a short time.  Using your Link as a reference will help to ensure no items are missed.

With all of the distractions, this is also the time to take an extra look at your door and to become familiar with its operation. Today, we face an unparalleled risk of Inadvertent Slide Deployments. As such, we encourage you to recognize this risk, and utilize all resources available to you.

We have the Door Operation App in our LINK as a resource tool, the exit operation section for each aircraft chapter, and cardboard life-size door posters in most domiciles. We encourage everyone to use these resources – especially if you are flying on a new aircraft. STOP, DROP, and REVIEW are not just words, they are in the moment action. It means, being present and singularly focused. 

We are all aware of the numerous things competing for our attention during those critical moments during door operation and arming/disarming.  It is important that we set aside all of those distractions - including passengers questions, the demands of quick turns, Pilot announcements, and general conversations. While there is not a single cause for distractions there is a single way to manage them. We need to "be present" and “in the moment”. During that critical moment, we need be singularly focused only on the door. We need to stop all activity and ensure we are correctly identifying and operating before we actually do. By utilizing our resources, and staying focused, and in the moment, we can reduce the chances of an Inadvertent Slide Deployment.

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