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Clarifying the Union’s Position on Personal Drops

Date: October 10, 2018

In last Friday’s E-lines, we reported on the Personal Drops and how the company was handling requests for Personal Drops since October 1st  Early this week we have come to learn that we likely have a dispute with management on how personal drops are being handled.

In the past, once a Personal Drop was requested by a Flight Attendant, she/he had the ability to call Crew Scheduling to request the Personal Drop (P/D) coding be removed from the Flight Attendant’s schedule to allow her/him to pick up other flying.  Since October 1st, the company has taken a position which suggests that something changed in bargaining and this procedure is no longer in use.  We disagree with this assertion.

The Contract language on personal drops was imported directly from the pmCAL Contract.  Along with that language came both the history and the practice.

While our article on Friday accurately described how Personal Drops were being handled by the Crew Desk, the article may have erroneously led Members to believe the Union was in agreement with this change. We are not.  We will be pursuing this disagreement with management in the proper venue.

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