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Master Schedule Guide

Date: October 10, 2018

One United October 8, 2018

The Master Schedule Guide linked here

Printed copies will be available for pick up in your base in the coming weeks.

Pre-merger UA Unimatic Transition

As of October 1, 2018, all pmUA Flight Attendants are now using CCS for primary scheduling functions instead of Unimatic. As we transition out of Unimatic and into CCS, we wanted to advise you of the pmUA Unimatic functions that will continue to be available and for how long.


No longer available for the submission of pay claims. All new claims must be submitted through Help Hub which line in your CCS Pay Register


Your September Line of Flying will be available until October 12, 2018


Will be available until December 12, 2018 and will display only activity through September 2018.


September DSLs (ID info) will be available until December 30, 2018


September IDs will be available for 26 days after the pairing start date with the exception of September 30, 2018 IDs which will be available until October 25, 2018


Will be phased out at a later date (TBD)


July IDs are available until October 12, 2018

August IDs are available until November 12, 2018

September IDs are available until December 12, 2018

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