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Monthly Bidding Timeline – November 2018

Date: October 10, 2018

Beginning October 12, 0800 HDT through October 17 0800 HDT, November 2018 schedule bidding will take place via CCS.

Each month the bidding and awards process will follow a timeline, with opening and closing times for each specific event. These dates and times will be available on the front page of the bid packet.

During the Primary bid period, you will have the opportunity to bid for Regular Lines, Reserve Lines or Vacation Relief Lines.

The bidding timeline for November 2018 is as follows:

Primary Bid Period Opens

Primary Bid Period Closes

Primary Line Award Numbers Visible By *

October 12, 2018
0800 HDT

October 17, 2018

0800 HDT

October 18, 2018

0800 HDT

Flight Attendants awarded Vacation Relief Lines during the Primary bid period, will bid again in the Secondary bid period to receive your Vacation Relief Award.

The secondary bidding timeline is as follows:

Secondary Bid for Vacation Relief Lines Opens

Secondary Bid for Vacation Relief Lines Closes

Secondary Bid for Vacation Relief Line Award Number Assigned By


October 20, 2018
2000 HDT

October 22, 2018
0800 HDT

October 23, 2018
0800 HDT


Bids will be awarded in Flight Attendant seniority order. If you do not bid, or do not bid a sufficient number of lines, you will be awarded the lowest numerical line and position available at that point in the process.

Questions and concerns may be directed to your Local Council.

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