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November Bid Packages – Single Duty Period Pairing Display

Date: October 13, 2018

We learned late yesterday of a change to the manner in which one day (turns) are displayed in the lines of flying.  In the past, a Nashville turn from EWR would appear in the lines of flying with the pairing number and the three letter city code through which the Flight Attendants would pass, in this case, BNA. There was some surprise when all of the city codes for the turn flying appeared in the lines of flying as the originating base city code. In the above example, the pairing appeared with EWR under the ID number.

Management worked the better part of today to correct how these displays appeared on the electronic copies of the lines and to revise the electronic copies. The electronic copies are available in CCS.  

In addition, BidPlus® was able to implement the fix on their website as well. When you hold your electronic mouse over the pairing, it will display the city code to which you will be flying during the single duty period turn.  

Unfortunately, the printed lines will not reflect this change as the printed copies were already in transit to the various locations to ensure they will be available consistent with the Contractual requirement of 1500 on the 14th calendar day of the month.

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