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Important Reminders for the November Bid Period

Date: October 17, 2018

One United- October 11, 2018

In preparation for the November 2018 bid period, below are a few important reminders.

  • Printed bid packets will be available in the bases by 1500 Home Domicile Time on October 14.
  • International Pursers should never select PUR01 in the position drop-down menu as that will cause that bid row to be invalid. The position option should remain as ANY.  International Pursers do not position bid.
  • Do not use the sample matrices previously published to position bid. Refer to each month’s Bid Packet Cover Letter for the current bid position matrix.
  • Once you submit your bids, the save button disappears. When this happens, selecting the “Submit” button will automatically save as well as re-submit any updated bids.
  • Although the save and submit buttons appear in two places on the screen, both sets of buttons will save and submit your entire bid opting selections and entries.
  • Make sure to email yourself a copy of your final, submitted bids by clicking on either of  the envelope icons on the bid screen.

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