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Reserves Trading Assigned Pairings

Date: October 19, 2018

MEC Reserve Committee

After being assigned a pairing, a Reserve may trade with another Flight Attendant (Reserve or Lineholder) for a pairing:

      I.  Of the same number of days

     II.  Departing on the same day, and

     lll.  If the pairing is between a lineholder and a Reserve, the pairing credit time cannot differ by more than two hours and a Reserve who picks up additional time will be considered to have opted to over one hundred & five (105) (unlimited maximum) hours for the applicable month.

Keep in mind that if you trade your pairing for days off with a Lineholder, your guarantee will be reduced based on the number of availability days that were traded away (vacated). In this case, you may contact Crew Scheduling to restore Reserve days and guarantee for all days of the vacated pairing, except the first day

Whether trading with a Reserve or Lineholder, Reserves can trade an assigned paring, as long as both pairings have the same number of days and depart on the same day. The trade must be made in CCS up to four hours (4:00) prior to check-in of the earliest trip involved in the trade. 

Additional information on Reserves trading pairings is available in Section 8.J.2 of our JCBA. 

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