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Self-Adjustment Procedures

Date: October 19, 2018

It is important to understand that our Contract, Section 7.E.1., provides Flight Attendants with a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours to use mutual trade procedures to resolve conflicts resulting from the conjunction of the old and new month schedules. The conflict may be resolved in either the old or the new month.

When the self-adjustment window opens on the 20th of the month, Flight Attendants are able to adjust their schedules by selecting “Self-Adjustment” from the Schedule tab in CCS. The self-adjustment screen will display complete or partial solutions. Partial solutions are presented if complete solutions do not exist that will recover the time lost due to the conflict created by the conjunction of the new and old month schedules.

  • If the difference in the value of the credit time lost between the inbound trip from the old month carried into the new month and the value of the conflicting trip dropped the conflicting trip(s) is greater than three (3) hours, you will be subject to an adjustment. Per the JCBA, adjustments will be made in this order: 
  • Adjustments are to be made to +/- three (3) hours of the Flight Attendant’s awarded line value using trips in the base on days originally scheduled to work.
  • If there are no trips in the base satisfying the criteria above, then adjustments are to be made +/- three (3) hours of the Flight Attendant’s awarded line value using trips in her/his base on any available days.
  • If there are no trips in her/his base that can satisfy either of the two preceding requirements, a Flight Attendant may adjust her/his line with any pairing in the base on any days that will bring her/his line value as close as possible to, but not more than five (5) hours greater than the originally awarded line value.
  • All adjustments must be made to comply with minimum rest periods and on-duty limitations.

It should be noted that for implementation, AFA and the company have agreed that the value of the replacement pairing(s) will be no more than five (5) hours on any available day(s) due to current programming limitations. The programming will be corrected in the future to allow for the use of the five (5) hour parameter and will be announced in advance of its implementation.

            Note: In any month where you have a scheduled vacation you will not be subject to adjustment regardless of overlapping trips.

Additional information on self-adjustments can be found from the Schedule tab on CCS > Self-Adjustment.

For additional information about the Adjustment process, refer to Chapter 12 of the Trip Trades & Adjustments Guide

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