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Minimum Connecting Time

Date: October 23, 2018

JCBA Section 7.W.3.

Section 7.W.3. of the JCBA provides guidance as to the minimum connecting time for scheduling purposes. The MEC office has recently been contacted asking questions about the 1:15 connecting time buffer that is used by Crew Schedule Planning in the construction of pairings.  There is a difference between minimum connecting time and the established buffer used in the construction of monthly sequences of flying.

Crew Schedule Planning uses a 1:15 minute buffer when building pairings to ensure, to the extent possible, operational schedule integrity.  For scheduling purposes, thirty (30) minutes is considered to be the minimum connecting time for Flight Attendants.

However, once in the actual operation, when it appears the connecting time will be less than thirty (30) minutes, management has the ability to arrange alternate protection for the timely operation of any flight affected by the reduction in connecting time.  In addition, in a situation where a misconnect is anticipated change to later provide sufficient time to connect and/or, if in the opinion of Inflight Scheduling an orderly transition can be made, the originally scheduled Flight Attendants will cover their own flight provided no legality problems or flight irregularities will be created.

Because of the expanse of United’s facilities in IAD, ORD, DEN, SFO, IAH & EWR, the contract provides for an extension of the minimum connecting time at these locations to sixty (60) minutes.

If you have additional questions, please contact either your Local Council or Local Schedule Committee for assistance.

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