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Subscribe or Update Your AFA E-Lines Subscription

Date: October 23, 2018

MEC Communications Committee

It is more important than ever that we make the personal commitment to ourselves to take the time to keep up with and learn about all the changes since the October 1, 2018 JCBA implementation. 

AFA E-Lines is a twice-weekly publication for United Flight Attendants with the latest news and updates pertaining not only to our Contract implementation, but to our profession. If you are not currently receiving E-Lines we encourage you to sign-up today. To subscribe to AFA E-Lines or update your information, visit unitedafa.org.

Also, we encourage Flight Attendants engaged in social media to Like our MEC Facebook page @AFAUnitedMEC and to follow us on Twitter @AFAUnitedMEC.

Additionally, your Local Council also produces a Local Council Newsletter specific to your location. The publication timeline at each Local Council varies and we recommend that you contact your Local Council to learn about the schedule by which newsletters are available.

Be sure to review AFA’s guidelines on the Union’s use of e-mail addresses.

NOTE: As a reminder we NOT able to accept united.com (corporate) e-mail addresses for our AFA E-lines list nor do we conduct Union business via these company e-mail addresses as communications via these e-mail accounts are proprietary and are neither privileged nor confidential.  Please understand, as a matter or your privacy and confidentiality, no Union business is conducted via these corporate e-mail accounts.

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