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Changes to Long Term Disability (LTD) Administrator

Date: October 26, 2018

MEC Benefits Committee

This year, our contractual Long Term Disability (LTD) insurance administrator will change. These benefits will be administered by Prudential for 2019. In addition to this change, we have some very positive news for those who have previously tried to obtain LTD coverage but have not been successful.

First, in terms of enrollment, if you currently have LTD coverage through MetLife and make no LTD election during Annual Enrollment, you will be automatically enrolled into your current coverage level with Prudential beginning January 1, 2019. It’s important to emphasize, this transition of coverage will only apply to those having LTD coverage.

Here’s other great news: If you do not currently have LTD coverage, you are able to obtain coverage this year through a one-time opportunity to enroll for coverage without having to provide Evidence of Insurability (EOI). This opportunity exists because of the transition to Prudential. After this annual enrollment period, any new LTD coverage you elect may require EOI.

We strongly recommend that you take a look at this coverage option and consider whether or not this LTD product meets your personal financial needs.  If you have questions, please contact your Local Benefits Committee.

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