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Reserve Move-up Lines (Section 8.B.)

Date: October 26, 2018

MEC Reserve Committee

Reserve Move-Up Lines are lines constructed using pairings from any unassigned open time that remains on the first day of the new bid month. All Reserves are placed on the Move-Up List each month unless they take specific action to remove their name from the list. Reserve Flight Attendants may remove or add their name to the Move-Up list, by utilizing the following procedures: 

Removing Name from Move-Up List 

A Reserve can voluntarily remove themselves from the Move-Up List in the following ways any time before a line has been constructed for them: 

  • A Reserve can indicate that she/he does not want to be awarded a Move-Up Line by checking the appropriate box on the Primary Line Bidding screen in CCS. 
  • After the bid window has closed, a Reserve may also call the Flight Attendant Support Team (FAST) to remove her/his name from the Move-Up List.

Adding Name to Move-Up List 

If a Flight Attendant changed the Move-Up election to “No” during the bidding process, she/he may add her/his name to the Move-Up List using the Move-Up Electing screen under General Settings in CCS, or by contacting Crew Scheduling. This may be accomplished anytime following the awarding of bids until 2359 HDT on the last day of the active bid month. Keep in mind, when added to the Move-Up List after the primary bid period has closed, the Reserve will be placed at the bottom of the existing list. 

The Company will build Reserve Move-Up Lines from the 1st through 5th day of the bid month (not the calendar month), to the extent adequate Reserve coverage can be maintained. Move-up lines will be constructed with either all domestic or all international pairings. Move-Up Lines will be awarded taking into account the type of line each Flight Attendant indicated as a preference, as well as any protected days. 

Type of Flying Preference

Award Considerations


Willonlyaward a Move-Up line that contains allinternationalpairings. If it is not possible to build an international Move-Up line, the Flight Attendant will be bypassed until such time as one can be legally built.


Willonlyaward a Move-up line that contains all domesticpairings. If it is not possible to build a domestic Move-Up line, the Flight Attendant will be bypassed until such time as one can be legally built.


Will awardeitheraninternationalor adomesticMove-Up line. (The first order of award will be international then domestic.)

International ? Domestic

Will first attempt to build and award aninternationalMove-Up line. If this is not possible, adomesticMove-Up line may be built and awarded.

Domestic ? International

Will first attempt to build and award adomesticMove-Up line. If this is not possible, aninternationalMove-Up line may be built and awarded.


Details regarding the Reserve Move-up process may be found in Section 8.B. of the JCBA as well as the Reserve section of our website, unitedafa.org.

If you have additional questions, please contact your Local Council.

Domestic Duty Time- provisions based on HOME DOMICILE TIME (HDT)
JCBA Section 6.S.1.

In recent days Flight Attendants have been inquiring as to how to determine their maximin duty day. For clarification purposes, reference our JCBA, section 6.S.1 which states the following:

S. Domestic Maximum Duty Time

A Flight Attendants shall not be scheduled to be on duty in excess of the following limitations.

For Duty Period Starting









High Value Trip**



The above duty time provisions are based on the Flight Attendants home Domicile time.

*Limited to no more than seven (7) hours flight time, ground times not greater than two hours, thirty minutes (2:30) and no more than one flight segment after a red-eye flight.  A red-eye flight is one with any portion scheduled to operate from 0200-0400, local time.

**A High Value Trip (HVT) shall be limited to a single duty period containing no more than three (3) flight segments with a total flight time of nine hour (9) or more.

The above duty time provisions are based on the Flight Attendant’s home domicile.  

Regardless of the time zone in which we begin our domestic duty day, our scheduled and actual duty time limitations are based on our home domicile time.

For example: You are based in SFO and are on a 2 day pairing laying over in MCO. The Day 2 duty period commences at 0730 EST. Your Home Domicile Time is 0430 PT in SFO.  Because you are starting you day at 0430 PT, your maximum scheduled duty day cannot exceed 11:30 scheduled duty hours and may not exceed an actual basis13:00 duty hours in the operation as this is a duty period that starts within the 1900-0459 (HDT) duty period range.

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