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Understanding Our Pay- Part 1

Date: October 26, 2018

MEC Communication Committee  

Paychecks are issued no later than the 1st and 16th of the month.  

If the 1st and/ or the 16th falls on a weekend or holiday, Flight Attendants will typically receive pay on the business day directly preceding the holiday or weekend.

The exception is the New Year’s Day holiday. January 1st direct deposit funds will be available the first business day after this holiday.

Flight Advance – Another reference for Our 1st paycheck of the month

Our Flight Advance is calculated using

  • Our flight time credit plus
  • Any hours displayed in our Add Pay (base rates) by the 20th of the month prior. (or 1-2 business days prior if 20th falls on a weekend or holiday)

If by the 20th of the prior month our projected hours are:

  • 50 hours or more
    Flight Advance will be 49:42 which is the equivalent of 70% of our base 71 hours
  • 30 – 49:59 hours
    Flight Advance will be 24:51 
  • Less than 30 hours
    No Flight Advance will be issued


While it is not required that the various hour categories (50+ or 30 – 49:59) have actually been flown by the 20th of the month, schedule values must clearly show/project  either of the categories of hours in order to receive the Flight Advance of 49:42 or 24:12 hours.  Keep in mind that the Add Pay (Base Rates) hours ARE included in determining this projection.

Keep in mind, if you reduce your projection after the 20th of the month determination has been made, it is possible to create an overpayment situation that will be managed by the Payroll Department and could result in a zero value mid-month paycheck.

The 16th of the month paycheck is Total Month’s Pay MINUS the Flight Advance already paid on the 1st.  Additionally, the 16th of the month calculations include:

  • Overrides (Purser, International Purser, Galley Pay, International, Language Pay, Incentives, Drafting, Short Crew Holding Pay, and other applicable items)
  • Training Pay
  • Pay adjustments from previous pay periods
  • Prior month adjustments for pay less than $50.00 gross amount.
  • Any errors in paychecks in excess of $50.00 will be corrected by a special off-cycle check.

 An off-cycle check is a one-time special payment made to correct any paycheck errors in excess of $50.00 gross. This payment will be made within 5 business days after the day the Flight Attendant notifies the Flight Attendant Crew Pay Support Team of the paycheck error. 

What is the Pay Register

The Pay Register is found in CCS > PAY > PAY REGISTER

  • A Pay Register is a live electronic document that can be viewed to check our pay as the bid period progresses and contains all pre-tax activity for the current bid month.
  • All credited time on our Master Schedule should automatically generates entries into the Pay Register.  (During these initial months of implementation, we need to carefully check these values and that they are present.)
  • All current bid month activity is paid in the following month.
  • Within 5 business days after the bid month ends, our pay register is pending a final pay audit.
  • Once the final pay audit is complete, our Pay Register will be final and available in Flying Together > Employee Services > My Info > Pay Register
  • Flight Attendants should refer to the FINAL version of the Pay Register 5 business days after the bid period closes.

Per Diem Pay - Taxable & Non-Taxable

  • Per Diem amounts are itemized separately and will transfer to our Pay Advice. 
  • Per Diem amounts are not included in your Total Month’s Pay
  • Per Diem is non-taxable for a multi-day pairing that meets IRS requirements for overnight stay.
  • Per Diem is taxable for pairings/standby assignments that do not have or satisfy the IRS overnight stay requirements or if our daily per diem exceeds the daily allowable IRS limits for the city in which the overnight occurs.

Override Pay Exceptions is the area on our Pay Register that will re-direct us to Help Hub to submit any requests for overrides not included in the original line award or as a result of position trades not completed through Crew Scheduling. These include: 

  • Language Incentive Pay (LIP), 
  • Holding Pay, etc. 

Please only have one crew member submit this exception (in most cases, this will be the purser or International Purser)

The Flight Attendant Crew Pay Support Team will respond by united.com email when processed.

To view Pay Registers for months prior to October 2018:

pmUA- The prior period Statements of Earnings will be located on 

Flying Together, Employee Services, My Info, Statement of Earnings

pmCO- The prior period Pay Registers will be located on

Flying Together, Employee Services, My Info, Crew Pay Register

Please see more details regarding PAY in the PAY GUIDE

If you suspect errors on your Pay Register, contact Flight Attendant Crew Pay Support Team- 1-800-FLT-LINE  Option 5, then option 1, or HELP HUB

HELPFUL HINT: Turn your phone or LINK horizontally/ sideways to view your Pay Register. This view allows us to view all details on the page.

Total Month’s Pay =


Greater of Guarantee or Minimum


Add Pay (Base Rates) - $


Add Pay (Other Rates) - $


Reserve Override - $ (if applicable)


Quarterly Incentive - $ (if applicable)

In the weeks ahead, additional areas of the Pay Guide will be highlighted to increase our understanding. We encourage you to review our twice weekly publications.

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