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Flight Attendant Contact During Delays/Cancellations

Date: October 30, 2018

JCBA Section 7.X. Notification 

In recent days Flight Attendants have been inquiring as to the notification process for delayed or cancelled flights they were scheduled to work. To be clear, if your flight assignment is delayed, the company must notify you as soon as possible, if the delay is known 2:00 hours before scheduled departure and if the delay is estimated to be more than 0:30 minutes – as this notification would change your check-in time.

If you are not notified and check in at the scheduled time, Crew Scheduling should update your duty time to reflect your actual check-in time. You should also notify/follow up with Crew Scheduling. Your duty time will be different than others working the delayed flight if they were notified of the delayed period. This would apply both at home and while on layover.

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