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Updated Trip Trades & Adjustments and Reserve Guides

Date: October 30, 2018

One United, October 26, 2018

In response to feedback, additional updates have been made to the Trip Trades & Adjustments Guide and the Reserve Guide which are both posted on Flying Together > One United > Reference guides and in Content Locker on Link. The electronic versions of the Trip Trades & Adjustments and Reserve Guides have been updated to incorporate all updates in red font. The information included in the supplements refer to page numbers in the original printed guides; therefore, page numbers in the electronic versions of the guides will not always match the page numbers of the printed guides. When reviewing the supplements, please refer to the printed guides to match up the content.

Trip Trades & Adjustments Guide

Trip Trades & Adjustments Guide Supplement

Updates include: 

  • Updated Scheduling Timeline
  • Updated screens for Reserve Pool
  • New details about the status of Advertisements and Offers (i.e. when/why they expire, etc.)
  • Instructions on how to trade for Multiple Pairings
  • Additional information on how to Create an Alert
  • Detailed information on how to Make an Offer
  • Where to view your Ads

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