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Midterm Elections – Vote!

Date: November 2, 2018

MEC Government Affairs Committee

The midterm elections on November 6, 2018 will determine what we can achieve for working families and for our profession. We are counting on every AFA-CWA member to vote. All elections are an important part of our democracy. The results of this mid-term election will perhaps be the most important in determining the direction our country will take. Now, more than ever, everyone needs to vote. Take nothing for granted and make no assumptions relying on others to make these critical decisions for our collective future.

In our line of work, last minute changes to our schedule due to weather or mechanical issues can delay our expected arrival home.  Even with the best intentions, we should not assume we will be able to cast our vote on Election Day.  If you will be away from home the days before or on Election Day, cast your vote through Early Voting or get an Absentee Ballot to submit your vote. Talk with your flying partners about doing the same.

Visit unitedafa.org for all the details on this year’s midterm elections. 

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