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“Understanding Our Pay”- Part 2

Date: November 2, 2018

MEC Communications Committee

Last week a special edition of our “Understanding our Pay” education series we defined when we are paid, what is included in each paycheck, what our Pay Register is, where to find it and how to submit for Override Pay exceptions. Today we continue our educational series by presenting part two (2) of Understanding our Pay

Part 2 will cover the following topics:

  • Pairings that overlap bid months
  • Lineholder Pay
  • Reserve Pay
  • Types of Override

Pairings that Overlap Bid Months

Until programming is in place for the division of flight time as of midnight on the last day of the schedule month, a pay will be calculated as follows:

  • If the flight departs on the last day of the bid month and operates over midnight based on date/ time of the departure station, the flight time will be paid in the OLD MONTH.
  • If there is an additional flight after the flight(s) that flew over midnight, that flight time will be paid in the NEW MONTH.
  • Any trip credit (rig) associated with the pairing will be paid in the NEW MONTH. 

Lineholder and Reserve Pay

Lineholder pay is calculated based on comparing the MINIMUM of 71 hours and theGUARANTEE which reflects scheduled flight hours.

Reserve pay is calculated based on comparing the MINIMUM of 78 hours and the GUARANTEE which reflects accumulated actual credit throughout the month.

All Flight Attendants are paid the GREATER of Minimum or Guarantee. 

Minimum Guarantee Base Rates include applicable Purser, International Purser and Language Qualified Overrides.

Reserves assigned a trip in a position that qualifies for an override (Purser, International Purser, LQ), these overrides will appear in the ADD PAY (Base Rates)

The Reserve Override is included in Total Month’s Pay                          

(The greater of Minimum or Guarantee + Add Pay + Reserve Guarantee)

Below is an illustration of the Pay Register showing that the MINIMUM is greater than the GUARANTEE. In this example, the Lineholder’s Line Award is 68:23 hours Guarantee and Credit. 71 hours is the Lineholder minimum guarantee at the time lines are awarded. “Minimum” is highlighted (in green in the Pay Register) because it is the greater sum in this example. We are always paid the higher value between Minimum and Guarantee. Credit will be equal to or lower than the Guarantee. Pairings currently in motion and future pairings will be updated at the completion of the trip.

(Lineholder example showing a potential Pay Register when lines are awarded)



















(Reserve example illustrating a potential end of the month Pay Register)





















At the time of Line Awards, the Lineholder pay Minimum is set at 71 hours regardless of whether the line value is less than 71. The Minimum will never increase but will decrease when trading trips away (dropping trips) and when trading the trips in your line for those of lower value.  When it is necessary for the company to adjust your schedule, your Minimum will not be impacted.

The Reserve pay Minimum is set at 78 hours for a Reserve line with twelve (12) days off.

For those Reserve lines scheduled with more than twelve (12) days off, the Reserve Minimum will be reduced by 4:20 in a 30-day bid month and 4:07 in a 31-day bid month.


At the time of line awards, the monthly Lineholder Guarantee will reflect your scheduled flight hours. This provides pay protection for all pairings and guarantees the dollar value of hourly flight pay and guaranteed overrides.

Your monthly Guarantee will reflect your scheduled flight hours and will change during the month based on activity (i.e. trades, reassignments, restoration of days off (ROD), personal time off (PTO), pick-ups, month-end-overlaps, drafting, etc.) Trip drops, End of Month (EOM) conflicts, missed trips (MT), lower value trip trades and declined reassignments will decrease your Guarantee.

The Reserve Guarantee will show the value of assignments worked as the month progresses. If you exceed your Minimum of 78 hours, you will be paid the higher value shown in the Guarantee box on the Pay Register.

Reminder : MINIMUM and GUARANTEE will include these Guarantee overrides:


International Purser

Language Qualified 


This is the sum of actual credit for completed trips and scheduled credit for the remaining trips. It is represented in hours and minutes (HH:MM) as shown in your Master Schedule.

More information can be found in the Pay Guide, including examples that can affect our Minimum, Guarantee and Credit such as when we take Personal Drops, PTO and when we are on Sick Leave. 

Flight Attendants are encouraged to review their pay each month and to follow the proper procedure for any discrepancies they may find. 

If you think your pay is incorrect, immediately contact the Flight Attendant Crew Pay Support Team to resolve the issue. If you have any questions or issues related to pay, please contact The Flight Attendant Crew Pay Support Team:

Online: On the left-hand side of your Pay Register Summary, click on the "Questions" icon or the "Override Pay Exception" icon and fill out the Help Hub form.

Phone: 1-800-FLT-LINE (option 5, 1, 2) 

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