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Co. Retirement Plan CARP Beneficiary Requirement – Domestic Partner Affidavit

Date: November 6, 2018

Continental Retirement Plan (CARP) Beneficiary Requirement – Domestic Partner Affidavit
MEC Benefits Committee

As a reminder for those who are eligible for benefits under the Continental Airlines Retirement Plan (CARP) and who have either a same or opposite sex domestic partner, you must certify your domestic partner as a beneficiary under the plan in order for your partner to be eligible for benefits in the event of your death.

We have become aware that not everyone having a domestic partner and eligible for benefits under CARP understands the process by which her/his domestic partner is certified as a beneficiary requires the submission of an Affidavit of Domestic Partnership that is specific to the plan.  Some people believe, mistakenly, that if they have registered a domestic partner with the corporation (United) they have met the requirement for registration under CARP.  This is not an accurate assumption. 

To register your domestic partner under CARP, it is a three (3) part process.

1.    Notify the United Airlines Benefits Center at 1 800 651 1007.  (Mon – Fri 7AM – 7PM CT)

2.    Complete and notarize the CARP Affidavit of Domestic Partnership which can be obtained from the company’s website at the following link: https://ft.ual.com/employee-services.  Mail or FAX the completed & notarized Affidavit to the address or FAX line on the form.

3.    Once documentation is reviewed and approved, your domestic partner will be designated as the CARP beneficiary.  A confirmation notice will be sent to you.

If you have additional questions, please contact the United Benefits Center for assistance.

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