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Keep Layover Hotel Information Confidential

Date: November 6, 2018

Keep Layover Hotel Information Confidential 
MEC Safety Health and Security Committee
MEC Hotel & Transportation Committee

Your MEC Hotel & Transportation and MEC Safety Health & Security Committees would like to remindFlight Attendants about the importance of keep our layover hotel and transportation service information confidential. Do not “check-in” or post layover hotel locations on any social media network or provide hotel information to anyone who might ask (even what may appear to be a simple innocent inquiry from a passenger). Flight Attendants utilizing layover hotel facilities, nearby restaurants or attractions are cautioned to never mention our hotels by name or reference a location in the presence of strangers or employees of a facility. Flight Attendants are encouraged to review the layover safety tips available on unitedafa.org. 

Addressing our layover safety and security is the number one priority for our United MEC Hotel and Transportation Committee. If you experience an incident at a layover hotel that potentially compromises your safety, be sure to document the event by visiting the forms page, located on our website. Reporting issues allows AFA to have the necessary data to address and resolve the situation as soon as possible. Remember, if necessary contact the local authorities for any assistance. 

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