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Labor Union 101

Date: November 9, 2018

The entire labor movement is premised on one simple idea: In a labor union, the whole is more than the sum of its parts. When workers come together with one voice, the group has more power than each worker would have on their own. The Union is the MEMBERSHIP. The Union is not an outside entity. Unity is the most important source of power any union has.

AFA is ALL of US. The structure of our AFA Flight Attendant Union is membership driven. And it takes the Union Members to be actively involved and engaged to drive and harness real union power.  To ensure we all speak with one voice, Members must be actively engaged and support the actions of the leadership. Remember: Unity is the most important source of power labor unions have. 

The simplest and easiest way to support your Union is to make the choice to wear our AFA pin. It is a symbol of our strength in Unity as a Union. Optics matter. The more ways the company sees all of us as Flight Attendants coming together, unified as one collective locking arms, the more power and leverage we gain. 

  • Other suggestions on how to be involved and engaged:

    Choose to be proactively informed and utilize the resources provided such as ensuring you are subscribed to our twice weekly E-Lines Newsletter and visit the unitedafa.org website at least once a week.
  • Choose to know your current elected Local Council Officers and Committee Members so that you are prepared and know where to go when issues arise and who to speak with when you have questions or concerns. Put their contact info in to your phone for quick reference.  
  • Choose to make attending Local Council Meetings a priority.
  • Choose to attend at least one of the four annual Master Executive Council Meetings where your Union leadership gathers to conduct the business of the Union.
  • Choose to get involved in Local Council committee work such as Reserve, Grievance, Scheduling, Government Affairs, EAP, Hotel & Transportation, Benefits, Safety Health and Security, Communications and more. 
  • Choose to educate yourself on our Contract.  Have it easily accessible by downloading the PDF version to your electronic device. 
  • Choose to educate yourself on the Grievance/ Dispute Resolution process so you are empowered in knowing the steps to take and where various Reports & Forms can be obtained from the Union’s website.
  • Choose to run for union positions of leadership starting in your Local Council.

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