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Fidelity Notice for 401(k) Investment Designation

Date: November 13, 2018

Flight Attendants participating in the Fidelity 401K investment plan who do not designate a specific fund(s) option, will have their contributions automatically directed into the Vanguard Target 2025 fund.

Flight Attendants can review a description of not only the Vanguard 2025 Fund, but all available fund (investment) options & fee information on the Fidelity website at www.401k.com.

We certainly understand that making these investment decisions can be difficult or overwhelming.  However, you need to be aware that the money set aside in these retirement accounts is intended to secure your future in retirement.  

If you are already satisfied with your current investment elections, no action is required on your part. However, you do have the right under the plan to direct the investment of your existing balances, which includes contributions and any earnings on those contributions, as well as your future contributions to any of the available plan investment options.   This includes moving funds already placed into the designated fund option.

To obtain information about all plan investment options, please log onto NetBenefits at www.401k.com or call 800-245-9034 to speak to a Fidelity representative. Flight Attendants are encouraged to review your investment mix and deferral percentage and update on an annual basis.

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