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Layover Minimum Rest – Legal Rest

Date: November 13, 2018

JCBA Section 6.V.3

Flight Attendants have been requesting the details of the layover minimum rest provision provided for in section 6.V.3 of our JCBA, which states the following: 

Flight Attendants will have ten (10) hours free from duty at any point away from home where lodging is provided within approximately fifteen (15) minutes (or time agreed upon by the MEC Hotel Chairperson) from the airport,provided prompt transportation is available. 

When lodging is provided more than approximately fifteen (15) minutes from the airport, Flight Attendants will have eleven (11) hours free from duty.

Additionally, a Flight Attendant will be provided eight (8) hours Place of Lodging minimum rest at the layover hotel based on your arrival time at the hotel. During irregularities or periods of lengthy delay caused by traffic or an accident on the route to the hotel from the airport, the Purser should contact Crew Scheduling to advise of the delayed arrival at the layover location to protect the eight (8) hour place of lodging minimum and, where necessary, reschedule your pick-up for the following morning.

For additional information contact your Local Council Representatives.

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