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Avoid Passenger Staging in the Jet Bridge

Date: November 16, 2018

MEC Safety, Health and Security

We continue to receive reports from the field that some stations continue to attempt to stage passengers for boarding on jet bridges. The company and AFA have consistently communicated, under no circumstances should a jet bridge be used as a passenger staging or holding area prior to boarding. Using the jet bridge to stage passengers is unsafe and is to be avoided. United Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) do not support this practice.

If you encounter difficulties establishing boarding times with the CSR, use your CRM skills to resolve the issue. Boarding is coordinated between the Flight Attendant assigned to the Purser position and the Customer Service Representative (CSR) during the pre-departure briefing. Remember, the first of our Core 4 values is Safety.  If it isn’t safe, we should always be advocating for what’s best for safety and not necessarily what is most expedient. 

Additional information on this vital area of operational safety can be found on our unitedafa.org.

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