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Flight Attendant Staffing Reductions - #Enough

Date: November 16, 2018

Your MEC Officers continue to hear from many of you asking what you can do to support the collective effort of the Union to persuade management to reconsider their decision to reduce staffing on certain international flight segments.   Many of us are troubled by this decision as it is clearly at odds with our efforts to deliver our professional best each and every day, in every way we can.  

We all know that having the right Flight Attendant staffing allows us to board faster to support on time initiatives of the corporation, deescalate situations proactively and to respond effectively in those situations where the investment in our training really pays off. Staffing should be increased in these times of profits, not decreased. Cuts were made during industry restructuring to reduce costs. Rather than matching the staffing level of our competitors on these aircraft, all of us at United should set an industry standard that makes it impossible for them to compete with United. We should be driving the highest standards today and that starts with a solid staffing foundation.  

While the real reason for diminished service is short-term gain for Wall Street with billions in stock buy backs funded on our backs, we must emphasize to management that we are an airline, not a hedge fund. It is time to focus on our passengers with realistic Flight Attendant staffing and investment in the people who make our airline fly.

Many of you have asked how you can let management know of your dissatisfaction with these decisions that will adversely impact our ability to consistently provide the best service to the passengers who pay all of our salaries.  To that end, we’re providing you with a couple of ways to support you in communicating your concerns about these proposed changes.

You may download either a Word or PDF version of our staffing letterhead stationary by using the links below. You may the respectfully express the thoughts and concerns you wish to send to the company.  You can use either U.S. Mail or e-mail to send these to the company. If you have any questions, please contact your Local Council.

Letterhead - Word Version
Letterhead - PDF Version

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