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Seniority Trading Vacations Begins November 24 - It’s Time to Review!

Date: November 16, 2018

Second Round Vacation bidding closed this morning. Awards will be posted on CCS no later than November 20, 2018. This will conclude the Contractual bidding procedure and will move us into the next phase of vacation processes, Vacation Modifications and Trading. The remaining key dates are critical components of the 2019 Vacation procedure. 



November 24

Open Time Trades by Seniority

November 30

Seniority Trade Awards

December 4

Final Vacation allocations

December 5

Instant Trading Opens

Before vacation trading begins, remaining monthly vacation allocations will be published, no later than November 24, 2018. Vacation Allocation Charts, which outline the open days available for trades, are located on CCS. Once the allocations have been published, Flight Attendants will be able to modify or trade vacations in the first vacation trade process, Open Time Trades by Seniority. Flight Attendants shall have no fewer than six (6) days to submit requests to trade for open vacation periods.

In order to be successful in processing the trades, Flight Attendants are encouraged to review the vacation trade guidelines and trade information which can be accessed from the following links: 

·      Seniority Trades with Open Time

·      Flight Attendant-to-Flight Attendant Trades

·      Instant Trades with Open Time

We encourage all Flight Attendants to review the vacation trade publications that are available.  Additional information can be found in the 2019 Vacation Guide.

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