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U.S. Thanksgiving Day Holiday

Date: November 16, 2018

JCBA Sections 2.Q and 4.I

Our Contract stipulates that Flight Attendants receive additional pay for flight assignments flown on designated holidays as outlined in Section 2.Q. Flight Attendants based in the United States & GUM who fly on Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 1018 will be paid holiday pay as set forth in Section 4.I. of our JCBA. 

Flight Attendants, Lineholder or Reserve, who report for duty on a holiday and whose trip scheduled pairing is subsequently affected by one of the following events will receive holiday pay based on the following stipulations

Trip Cancels with no Reassignment:

A Lineholder or Reserve, who reported for duty on a designated holiday and whose trip cancels and where no reassignment is made involving that day, will receive holiday pay based on the number of hours from report to release (minimum of 2 hours).  This equates to double time pay for the time on duty.  Since there is no flight time to generate an automatic pay file, a Flight Attendant must submit a pay claim to the Company for this holiday pay and any additional pay factors pertinent to the activity of the duty period. 

En route (Mid-sequence) Sick Leave:
In the event of a Flight Attendant becomes ill mid-sequence of a holiday trip, she/he will have her/his holiday pay calculated on whichever is less between the scheduled time away on the holiday or the actual time away on the holiday.

Deadhead Deviation:

If a Flight Attendant is authorized to deviate or deadhead home early, holiday pay is the lesser of the scheduled or actual time away from home (TMA) and hours away on the holiday.

Drafting from a Pairing with Time on a Holiday: 

A Flight Attendant who is drafted from a pairing which includes time on a holiday to a pairing that does not include holiday pay, will be pay protected for the scheduled holiday pay of the original pairing.  The scheduled holiday pay must be converted to its flight hour equivalent and added to the scheduled dollar value of the pairing in which it occurs. This total flight hour value must be compared with the value of the pairing to which drafted and the Flight Attendant is paid the greater of the two values.

Flight Attendants can find additional information on Holiday Pay parameters in Section 5.L. of our JCBA, which outlines the formula for holiday.  Additional information is also available on 

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