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Vacation Slides (Sliding Awarded Vacation Periods)

Date: November 16, 2018

There are a number of types of Vacation Slides that provide for the movement (slide) of awarded vacation periods that are provided for under Section 12.G. of our JCBA.

Before we review the different types of vacation slides, it is important that we understand the movement of a vacation into or within a blocked period (holidays, etc.) will be granted, if staffing permits. The list of blocked days are published by the company prior to the opening of the annual vacation bid package.

Blocked days for 2019 are as follows:

Blocked Vacation Slide Dates

12/30/18 – 01/04/19

04/17/19 – 04/23/19

05/24/19 – 05/30/19

06/30/19 – 07/06/19

08/30/19 – 09/02/19

10/27/19 – 11/02/19

11/26/19 – 11/30/19

12/20/19 – 12/27/19

12/29/19 – 01/05/20


For lineholders, there are two types of vacation slides.  The first type of slide having its origin in the pmUAL Agreement, provides Flight Attendants with the opportunity to slide her/his vacation, forward or backward, in order to fly a scheduled pairing. (Section 12.G.2.a).  These slides must be accomplished on a specific timeline:

If the pairing to be retained starts in the same bid moth as the start of the vacation period, the request must be received by Crew Schedule Planning by 0800 HDT on the 19th calendar day of the month prior to the start of the pairing.

Conversely, if the pairing being retained starts in the month prior to the start of the vacation period, the request must be received by 1630 HDT on the 16th calendar day of the month prior to the month in which the pairing starts.

The second type of lineholder vacation slide provides a lineholder with the opportunity to move her/his vacation up to two (2) days in either direction as a means of adjusting her/his vacation period. The movement of vacation under these circumstances may be restricted if extraordinary circumstances exist.  The movement of vacation in this circumstance may not cause the vacation to cross over from one bid month to another or from one scheduled vacation year to another.


Flight Attendants on Reserve status have two types of slides which operate differently:

First, a Reserve may move her/his vacation up to two (2) days in either direction provided no new legality conflicts or short blocks are created.

Secondly ,a Reserve who is awarded a vacation that does not include any days of Reserve availability shall be permitted to move her/his vacation a sufficient number of days, forward or backward, in order to encompass the two (2) nearest available Reserve days.  If this creates a short block, it must be adjusted.

To submit a Vacation Slide Request: In CCS, Click Vacation Tab > Vacation Slide Request.

Use the e-mail address at the top of the form to submit completed requests.

For additional information See Vacation Slide Guidelines and Scenarios for examples.

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