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A Thanksgiving greeting of appreciation to our AFA United family

Date: November 22, 2018

A Thanksgiving greeting of appreciation to our AFA United family, 

Here we are, the holiday season upon us once again. 

This time of year is by nature full of change. The leaves turn beautiful hues and then  fall from the trees, rain showers soon become snow flurries or full blown snow storms! 


One of the tangible things  we can hold constant at any time of the year and especially Thanksgiving is our appreciation for those we hold dear to us. Our family and our dear friends who also may have become who we consider family. 


From recent tragedies from the fires in California to the various personal struggles and loss’ our very own are facing today, we are reminded to hold tight to what matters most. 


Flight Attendants naturally embody the Thanksgiving spirit. We become family each and every trip we work together. We look after each other. We have the unique quality to be able to meet a Flying Partner for the first time and before that first flight together is over, we may have a new lifelong friend. These special connections among us happen every day. We are a melting pot. We come from all walks of life, yet we instinctively know how to break the ice and make connections in short order. We become a Crew. A Team. A Family. 


By nature, we care that the passengers that board our planes feel welcomed, safe and at “home”; as if each plane IS our home. 


No matter where we are around the world, we can and do make an impactful, positive  difference in the lives that we touch. 


This Thanksgiving, I am most proud and thankful for each and every AFA United Flight Attendant as you help to bring family and friends together from around the globe. You are the true spirit of the holiday season. 


On behalf of the United Master Executive Council we would like to wish you and your family a safe and happy Thanksgiving. 


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